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Flower Parade.

15 pieces
80 solves
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Thanks Cathy, you are so right, it's so sad and so at once.


A beautiful float! Thank you Ank.
Rockingrannybee, I'm so sorry to hear the sad news. I am also thinking of you and praying for you.


Thanks Lyndee behalf rockingrannybee.


So sorry for you and your family rockingrannybee. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


Thanks girls and I'm glad you have such beautiful thoughts for rockingrannybee, she can use all your prayers and positive thoughts at this difficult time.


If it was a sudden death, he didn't suffer and that's the way I want to go if I have a choice. My condolences to those that are left behind. It's always a shock. The puzzle is beautiful, Ank. I love the puzzles of the Flower Parade


Thanks Ank, fun puzzle.

Rockingrannybee, I'll be praying for God's comfort upon you at this terrible time. Please know that your Jigidi friends really care.


Beautiful flowers, Thanks, Ank.

Rockingrannybee, I am so sorry. You will be in my prayers for comfort and strength during this trying time and as you rebuild your life. I'm hoping that your profile name means you have at least one child and grandchild and that they are near by and can be with you now. Blessings and (HUGS) Ardy.


Ohhhh, I'm so awfully sorry for you rockingrannybee, so very, very sad!! I do send you my most sincere thoughts and wishes!! Thanks so very much Ank!!


Very beautiful thanks Sis


You're welcome Shirley, as long as I can find them I will post them.


Thank you, Ank for all these lovely floral floats.


Thanks friends, I'm glad you like it.


Rockingrannybee. I'm so very sorry for you. It's hard when you lose your beloved husband. And then without a warning. Terrible.
Terrible for you, but for him it is a beautiful death. He did not suffer. And you may very grateful for this. You go through a very difficult period, but always try to think that he did not suffer, try to be glad therefor all the time. I hope you can find support anywhere, children, faith. Of course your Jigidi friends will be there for you, but we can only hug you virtual. I know that many of our friends will pray for you and others will be thinking of you. I wish I could be closer to you. I wish you much strength and send you my love. Ank.


Thank you so much, it is so beautiful :-))))) Hugs my friend :-))))

Rockingrannybee I'm so sorry, I do not know how to help you, accept my sincere condolences .

I can relate somewhat, my husband died one week after JFK, I set the table for all of us a couple of times, but things will feel better, I'm so sure. I'm like how can there be laughter, don't you know what happened. But, life around us does go on. You'll be ok if you concentrate on the positive, how he did this or that. You should plan ahead even for one day, get a perm, get an oil change, etc. I wish you the best.


Good morning Ank:-) You are up early this morning:-) Thanks for this beautiful float and enjoy your day:-))))HUGS

To my friends on Jigidi, I won't be around for awhile. My dear husband died on Easter Sunday of a
massive heart attack. There was no warning, but mercifully, it was quick and he didn't suffer. I will miss him dearly, he was my whole world.


Wonderful, and I love the lights.


Fascinating dresses Ank - lots of work gone into them. Thanks.