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Farm bell pull - Horseshoe and windmill

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33 solves
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Thanks, Dagmar. Glad you could have some Jigidi fun on my puzzle. See you later.


I see we are changing the city for the countryside. I love seeing old windmills in the countryside that are still working. 1966 was the year I started school, a long time ago but the time doesn't rest any beauty to your work or the design. I'm looking forward to see all parts of this bell pull Ardy. :))


You're very welcome, Pat. Thanks for another solve and another star on he board.


Beautiful thanks Ardy


Ank, You don't need to apologize. One day I knocked my cousin off her own puzzle board. That's all part of the game. Just enjoy. I'm glad to have you come by. Thanks.


Oh I'm so sorry, I would I could take my time away. I first solved and then I did read. I would I did read first.
Also your first one was a beauty Ardy thanks.


Josie, So good to see you.. Wish I could do something to help, however, you are continually in my prayers. Look at you on the board!! You and I are at the bottom but it's fun while it lasts, right? Thanks for coming by. Hugs back for you.


I really like it too, and hope you continue to enjoy your art. Hugs dear, sorry I haven't been around. Off pain pills two days now, when you feel better, it is hard not to take them anyway. I can't walk far, too weak, but not the kind of pain that requires delaudid either. Hugs xxoo


Thanks, Hanne. I didn't know if this might be a design symbolizing a profession, like the shop signs, or maybe a coat of arms, or some historical event. Most of the brasses I have had been rather plain. I really like these.


I don't know anything special about them, but I think that those who make them simply try to make them as majestic and stately as possible. Anyway it was so - perhaps you might be able to have some with a more modern design today. I think I've seen some like that!! I know that the women have embroidered things like these for centuries, and probably the blacksmiths have tried to make the brasses as fine as possible, perhaps after design from the lady. In the good old days you went to a blacksmith to have things like these made!! Interesting isn't it? - to be able to discuss how the looks should be?!


Good morning, Jan. I am exercised and breakfasted and was just ready to head over to your place and stopped by here first. Love the line up of stars on the board. I did initial and date almost everything I did. A friend had brought this kit (design, material and thread) from Denmark and sold it to me. She had bought the brasses there too. Maybe Hanne knows something about them. I'm glad you like it. it was a fairly difficult one to do - especially for a first piece. Thanks .


Yes, Hanne. IT was a long time ago. But it is still beautiful hanging on the living room wall. I see Jan has asked about the brasses. Do you know anything about that design? Thank you for coming by.


And you initialed and dated it! Good for you, Ardy! This is a beauty. The hanger is quite interesting, too. It looks like a crown and an animal on each side. It there a story there, too?


1966, it's many years ago! But this will never loose it's value!! So fine too!! Thanks so very much Ardy!


Designed by Clara Weaver, Copenhagen, Denmark. This was the first thread count embroidery that I did.