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Virginia! White Hall First Comes the House #1

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Another series-I hope your not tired of them. Four old buildings on the edge of a Burg called White Hall. This old house was actually a duplex, once.


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A front porch and a back porch, complete with cat.


Wouldn't take much to fix this one ....

Wow, I really didn't do too well solving these puzzles, but loved them. It was a really good set. Thank you.


Nice set, Warb! I love that you post these, but I just worry that you get a wee bit too interested sometimes, and you can never tell what's going to jump out at you! Example: In Dallas just a week or two ago, the authorities found a cop killer on the run staying in a place like this, and there was a shootout! You be cool, Warbler!


Wreaths on the doors, propane tank looks new - I'd say it's still occupied or recently abandoned. Love your photos, warbler. Keep 'em comin' !


Hi, Warbler. Yes, that's the one we went through. We avoid interstates as much as possible and take backroads, sideroads, etc., Sometimes at great risk, lol, but we get to see so much more than the mindless driving on interstates, which can't always be avoided. I deleted my other message because I found a third, believe it or not, Whitehall in King and Queen County!
Now I totally understand why we use zip codes!
A skylight. I thought it was a small solar panel to heat water for an upstairs bathroom.
My husband's families came from England and made Virginia their homes for several generations before going west before the Civil War, fortunately.
Thanks, Warbler...I really enjoy your series of puzzles! :)


Thanks for the "small " puzzle thought, warbler! :-)


Thanks laura, chickie. Thank you too, joyfulli, yes a side by side duplex. Its Albemarle county, DelSol2, about 15 miles straight west of Charlottesville, here. Its a skylight added in the roof, probably added at the same time as the windows.
Thanks Pumpkin. I can't get my puzzlecutter thing to set at less than 12 pieces or I would do a puzzle for you.


A fine property at one time.


Was this a side-by-side duplex? The dual porches would seem to indicate that. The two halves mus be very skinny! Interesting house. I'm certainly not tired of your pics. If we had more history around here, I'd be taking the very same kind of photos!


p.s. You know I'm not tired of the old buildings.


Wow, this is a dandy old house. I think it's the fireplace that I like so much. Thanks warbler.


This is a great set today, warbler. Lots of history and old-world charm.


And Pg says a civil war battle was fought here in White Hall, too. Thanks lyndee.


Being in Virginia, this house has to have a lot of history connected to it. Poor thing has out- lived it's purpose I guess.


Is this one your house, Jack? Rob wants to know.

Thanks Rob I think Jack lives there. No one was home when I was there. But he goes on vacation alot,,,,

If I remember right aggie, the front porch faces East so it would be good for the morning, and sunsets on the back one. Thanks.


Still got the gas & electricity on - do you think it's still occupied warbler? Neat shot - thanks.


super nice house with veranda, really luxurious! nice set mate!


Thanks naner-here's wishing you a run of sunshine!

PG I have one that will be dedicated to you on Sunday when I get back. Thanks

Keep then the old framed house......does need repair.
Thank you warbler...neat puzzle.


You are in the center of several Civil War battles and White Hall was one of them. I bet this place saw a lot of action in its day. Nice one Warbler you just keep doing them.


Not tired of them at all! Keep them coming. I'm looking forward to getting out and finding some good shots of old buildings around here as soon as we get a sunny day.