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For Suzy

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Parking area to right and garage to left


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Definitely not for the faint of heart...or poor puppies with bare feet!




Thank you, Patty. This was at my sister's place over Christmas. We helped shovel over 70 cm. (two+ feet) of snow in three days. We're having snow in Vancouver right now which is predicted to be 10-15 cm. (4-6 inches) by morning with -15ºC as a low...but I don't think that will happen as we get a warming effect off the water. However, my sister's is supposed to be -35ºC tomorrow! ❤️❤️❤️


Wow, gemstone! I love your snowy photos! :)


I can understand why, Ank! LOL ;DDD

P.S. The boys did all the clearing today,'s lightly snowing again...


Wow, that's a lot of snow Faye. I decided to stay here. ☺☺☺


No, Marilyn, that's the mound of snow that's been plowed to the edge to form the parking/turnaround area. And no young people up here...except in the summer...just retired folks with snow blowers and ATVs. ;D


Wait a minute. You mean those mounds of snow are cars? That is a whole bunch of work. Any young people needing money?


This is in the plowed out area in front of the garage, Ardy...but the shot is taken toward the lake...much prettier. ;D


Beautiful to see, Faye. I think I see a car shaped mound but a garage - not at all. lol Happy shoveling. Be careful. Thanks.


Thank you, Lorna. Hope your new year is filled with health, wealth and much happiness...and all the laughter good friends bring. ❤️❤️❤️

We'll be having brekkie here shortly and then it'll be plowing, snow blowing, and shovelling another 25 cm again! At least it's stopped snowing for a while.


I love the look of your personal winter wonderland Faye, if not the thought of the work to clear it! Wishing a very Happy New Year to you and yours.


Hee-Hee! I'll inform granny.


You read my mind, Nancy! LOL I just commented on Impie's puzzle to you. ;DDD

It did get brushed off, lela, but might need a little clearing around the tires as my husband won't let the plow driver anywhere near his "baby"...but who knows what tomorrow will bring...there is already another 25 cm out there and more predicted for tonight! :(

P.S. We might need the chairycopter to get out of here on Friday!


I fear your car has disappeared ............ FOREVER!!



And all that hard work = permission to add extra marshmallows to your cocoa!! :-DD


A good snow cover means less forest fires in the summer, too, Marilyn, so the beauty is also practical...and hard work! LOL ;DDD

This was much prettier, Nancy! ;DDD


Uh-huh....if you say so, Faye LOL ;-PP (RE parking to the right and garage to the left)


I like what PLG1958 wrote "Kindness is like snow. It beautifies everything it covers." --Kahlil Gibran
I think it is true but then I don't have to shovel it or plow it away.


You, too,'re almost there! :DDD


Yes. Of course. It is very easy to see the parking area to the right and garage to the left.
Happy snow, girlfriend!!!
✲◦°☃️/⭐️\/⭐️\☃️°◦✲ ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ✲◦°☃️/⭐️\/⭐️\☃️°◦✲

.....and a very Happy New Year!



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