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Have a nice day Jacques!!

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Axly I don't foxy, I go to the Chinese Restaurant! Thanks.
Yes Hanne, it helps to keep un-wanted guests away, thanks!
Thanks yellow, when I had my log cabin upstate New York I invited the real estate lady for lunch. I had these hanging all over the walls and she was so nervous, she left soon after she arrived!! Her partner and I had a good laugh over that one, thanks.

The little cannons are so darn cute, Robbie; but are the meds still working for you?? That may be a bit of a strange household decor . . . . .


Good grief!! Expecting visitors??? Thanks so very much Robbie!


Robbie, do you use these to make chop suey? Just thought I'd ax... :-))


You're safe PK, no worries, thanks.


Quite a collection Robbie. Don't want to get on your bad side.......


Good for you PLG!!
Thanks Graci, no but I like using them once in a while. I collected them from antique stores up-state New York and New England.
Not to worry Celeste!
That is funny chickie!
Jenny says THANK YOU JACQUES. I say...." YOU SHOULD WORRY " little Belgian Wafel with silly cap!!!
Chookies, you will never have to worry!
Yes I do bookish!
Shirley if I hear a sound I jump under the covers and ask Jenny to check it out!! ( Don't tell Jacques!)
Hey Morris, yes high carbon, they are old ones from butcher shops.


Nice old clever collection, mate! They look like they are made from high carbon steel, not stainless!


Wow, what a knife collection, they should keep robbers from your door Robbie.


Yes, but you have a canon in Bermuda!


Remind me never to mess with you, Robbie - that's some collection alright!!


Jesus, now I'm somewhat worried, but i love the little cannons mate! have a great day en tell Jenny i understand her that she have more work with you than four children, God bless this woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That's quite a collection Robbie. I have one of those hanging in the chicken house. It keeps the girls laying. LOL


Robbie.. your scaring me.. o_O


What a collection Robbie, are you a butcher?




This is a portion of my cleaver collection. Don't worry Jacques, it is in Cape Breton right now!!