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Who Has The Key?

440 pieces
180 solves
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Thanks so much, glow! :-)))

THAT'S what it looks like, whatnauts! I knew it reminded me of something! I just hope the birds have the key... :-)))


I enjoyed putting this colourful birdhouse together :)))))))

love all the different colors. thanks again for the great puzzle




So true...


That could be considered a similar style, yet I don't want to do them--there's something just a little "off", or different... They say that you can be taught to appreciate fine art or classical music, and I think that's true, but I don't think it ever goes beyond appreciation, or liking--there still isn't that spontaneous, visceral feeling of "Yes!" that you get from something you really love.....


That's the way I see it, too! It's funny, but there are people, like Wendy, whose puzzles ALL appeal to me, and others who make puzzles that coul


Well, of course you know how I feel about wide bands of colour. I know I'm in the minority on that point as well as some others. For a long time there were very few swirls posted, probably because they didn't get a lot of solves. And now look at what has happened. You post swirls regularly (thank you, thank you) and others now post swirls from time to time and they are getting lots of solves. Of course the size often makes a difference as to number of solves. I do have some strange preferences when it comes to some of the puzzles tho, many of which are hard to explain. It's the old - I know what I like when I see it!!!!


I just wrote a disclaimer on a puzzle I'm posting tomorrow, concerning the background. I counted the number of pieces that will probably be all black--not counting the border ones, which are easy enough to place, or the ones with a bit of color, which also have clues in them--and decided that there weren't all that many, so I posted it as large as it would go. I think that's what is working here--and why you said "within reason". If there are thick areas, but many of the pieces have some touch of other color (clues) on them, then people would rather work that kind of puzzle, because it has fewer sorting issues. Here you have more almost 20 colors to sort out (at least I tried to make them one-offs, which is helpful!), and I think people would rather avoid that.......


You're probably right, but I don't get it. It's easier to put narrower bands together rather than fat ones...well within reason.


Thanks, whatnauts--one more non-swirl swirl attempt! And I'm willing to bet that if I'd made it with about 1/4 the number of sections, it would have gotten 4 times as many solves... I think the simple shapes/easy-to-figure sections people outnumber the borders (which this pretty much is) people by a LOT..... :-)))


I don't have the key. Maybe this is the wrong side and the key is on the other side?????

Cool design and colours.