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FOR JAYHAWK ON YOUR SPECIAL DAY.... Hugs Sally and Chrissie....

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You're welcome Jayhawk.... We enjoyed putting it together... If you blew out all the candles on your cake, there's a really good chance you'll see us next year, in our tiny little motorhome... Looking forward to the gorgeous landscapes and the serene beauty of Mother Nature... Meeting you would be a special treat.... Thanks for the offer to show us around.... :) :)

Thank you all.... Glad you enjoyed Jayhawk's Birthday puzzle... Good to know she had a great day.... :) :)


Lovely birthday puzzle, I'm sure it was much appreciated!

Thanks, Sally and Chrissie! I am glad that Snooker let me know about this! What a nice surprise. I had a great day yesterday and am looking forward to a good year ahead, which will include (I hope) showing you two around Arches and Canyonlands Nat' Parks. Thanks so much for thinking of me and for putting this puzzle together!


Thanks for this beautiful puzzle.
Happy birthday Jayhawk, have a great day.

Beautiful B Day puzzle. What is the significance of the building bottom left, please? Have a great day, jayhawk. :)


Very Special Cake, very pretty cake, for someone Special, I don't know Jayhawk, but I wish you a Happy Birthday.


Cute cute cute Happy Birthday Jayhawk