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An early sign of spring.

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Thank you shirley.


Sweet little things, just popping up everywhere. Thanks chickiemama.


That will be a pick me up morris.
I hope there is nothing too serious with the waambulance!


We are supposed tu get up tu 40 tomorrow.
I think that i just heard the waambulance go by!


I keep crossing with everyone. Glad the day turned out nice morris. Hope you took some pics today.


Would you like some cheese with that whine young man? I bet you put your parkas on when it is 50.


It ended up being a beautiful sunny clear non windy day, chickie! I was out and about and was surprised to see the Chicago skyline from about 25 miles out!


It won't be long now laura.
LOL tex. It's always fun to see the first ones.
Morris, I hope you stayed in by the fire. Single digits are not fun.


Morris which one of the single digits did you use? It is getting cold down here as we speak about 40 and going lower. May have to break out the parkers. We had frost this morning....


Amazing, woke up tu single digit temps!


I don't get it! That sign says nothing about spring at all, it's about underground cables! Can't you read, Chickie? Pretty flowers, by the way.


You are light years ahead of us here in Litchfield!


Hi colin! Good to see you.


Yay, Sandy! The national flower of Wales - and just in time for St. David's Day :-)))


Thank you Hanne.
We shall see lyndee.
morris with the fish, I'm as serious as a sliver under your finger nail! I have seen some pretty early down here. Farther south there are fields of them left from many, many years ago when they'd raise them to cut, put in buckets and put them on a train headed for Chicago for Easter etc. I'm thinking back in the 40's and 50's. I should research it.


Are yu serious? That is even early for your part of the state, isn;t it?


Sure hope so Sandy. I'm getting anxious for Spring to spring!


They are wonders, Sandy!! Thanks so very much!!


I would send some to you if I could gnt.

Hi Tatinha. You explained very well. I understand what you are saying. There are some people that just don't care what they are doing to this beautiful earth. Thank you for your lovely comment.


I can barely imagine how could be have to wait for flowers. We have flowers all over the year in Brazil. I think that if we?ve needed to wait for them we?d care about them and wouldn?t use gardens and parks as a garbage deposit!! Thanks Sandy. It?s a lesson. I don?t know if I express myself very well.


wow spring lillies and some have opened.......must be nice by U chickie


Thank Dottie, aggie and warbler.

LOL young man.


Is that what the yellow sign says? I cannot believe they put up signs in your part of the world telling you when spring is about to arrive. Your tax bill must be something else.


Here they come! The days ARE getting longer! Thanks Chickie


Great shot, Chickie! Thanks!


I like your title better jc. I think I will change it. Enjoy your coffee. LOL


Nice daffodils!
I misread your title as: "An early 'sign' of spring"! I'll go get another cup of coffee! LOL!