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THEME: "Birds" America's Symbol - Bald Eagle at front yard edge (can go to 540 pieces)

20 pieces
55 solves
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There is a pair at the local cemetery that has been there for years. I went last Spring and took some photos. I hope to post one of them tonight and a couple of the sandhill cranes that come to my yard almost daily. Have a nice one of cardinals too.


Thanks for the info. I hope you post more of this most glorious of birds. I so enjoy them. Thank you again.


There is a pair that nests nearby. Back when we actually had rain here in Florida, I had a very full pond in my horse pasture. An eagle would come down there most evenings to bathe...just like any little bird in a birdbath. Now that we are in a 6 year drought where I live, I just see them occasionally soaring overhead. This one had joined some buzzards in my front yard with some road kill...they are scavengers after all. A friend runs a rehabilitation place for birds of prey and she brought an eagle to my class every year during my animal unit. Fabulous.


Wow, do you know how lucky you are to have this right at your yard? I've never even seen one in real life! This is awesome! I love it. Thanks for posting it for us to see.