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Origami & Buttons! (medium)

81 pieces
140 solves
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Thanks, Kirsten - - So am I! But, we still have her for 3 more days. Then back to the fast and furious grind! Glad you enjoyed these oddballs!


I'm sorry your sea break has come to an end, Jan! Until next time, I guess.

And I love this one too. Specially that top centre one. It looks so oriental! Thanks very much. :))))


Mariasha - I am laughing because I just used those adjectives as an explanation for why I used these today! Thank you so very much!!

Hanne - Thank YOU! I love your adjectives, too!


SOOOO delicate and elegant, Jan!! Formidable!! Thanks so very much!!

These were light and airy and delicate and I enjoyed putting them together...thanks Jan.


Thanks so much, Ardy and Barb!
I was feeling in a bit of a "spiky" mood today. We are heading back from the coast, later! :(


Very nice, Jan ... I'll take the middle row far right, and the top row middle. :-))


Jan, I love the middle one and the top one right above it. A really fun puzzle. Thanks and have a terrific day.