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RIP Lunar Rebel Lady - A good old horse 4/11/86-3/23/13

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Lady was an American Quarter Horse out of Oklahoma. She was a good girl and we loved her. This photo was taken a week ago when we were out for a short ride in the woods.


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Thanks, Hanne. It was "time", I am sad to say.


Oh Sue, it is SO sad, but it had to be!! Thanks dear!!


Hi Ada. Yes, we will all adjust as we always must. It is just difficult as I have had her a long time. We were just riding last weekend. We had decided then that it would be our last trip with her, maybe just some walks around the neighborhood. She was fine all week, but then didn't want to eat much Friday (an that's not like her). But I'm hoping she has green pastures and ponds to wade in now.


Sue I just finished reading about Lady on the forum! Oh that is so sad. I felt that little pang in my chest as I always do when a loved animal companion passes. My thoughts are with you and Bill and I hope Dakine will soon start to accept Lady not being around anymore, it just takes time. Probably spelled her name wrong.
I had to log into Jigidi just to find this post. I am so busy I haven't been on jigidi much and hardly ever on the forum and only read the digest via email. Glad I read it today.


Thanks Jo and Francine. We appreciate your thoughts. Yes, she was loving that fresh green grass.


Sue and Bill, my sympathies, so sorry for your loss. {{hugs}}


She looks soo beautiful, and happy eating that grass!! What a nice memory for you and Bill. Poor Dakine, my heart goes out to the three of you. Hugs, Jo


Thanks Libby, Heidi, Sally and Ann. She'd been with us a long time, though not all her life. My other horse is wandering around looking for her. He is only 14, a captured Mustang (back in '99 as a yearling in Oregon) and I will have to find a pasture pal for him.


Wonderful to read of how many horses reach a grand old age. Sorry about your loss, animals are like family and it hurts just as much to loose them as a relative.


Sorry to hear about Lady, Sue.... It's never easy... Our prayers are with you... She had a wonderful life with you, may she rest in peace...


((((( HUGS )))))


Sue and Bill you have my deepest devastated as I've been when loosing a furry family member of 11 years (or less!) I can only imagine how you must feel having to say goodbye to those who are part of your life for so much longer. Guess it doesn't matter how long they are with us, but how deeply we love them. Such a huge loss, my heart goes out to you...Hugs, Libby


We had stopped here to let them enjoy the fresh green grass. It had been planted around the woods to attract deer (for the hunters), but made a tasty treat for our horses.


Thanks anitas, peggysuss, jojosmom and laura. Bill and I will miss her terribly.


She was a beauty.


So sorry for your loss. Her memory will always be with you & Bob.


She was a beautiful Lady, and I can imagine how much you must miss her. I am sure you have many wonderful memories to help you through this time of loss. Just keep her safe in your heart. Sherry


I'm so sorry for your loss, Sue. Thank you for honoring us by sharing your photo and giving us the opportunity to send our thoughts your way. RIP Lady.


Thanks midie and gemstone. I have loved many of them over the years.

Grannygoatlady-my first horse (my college graduation gift from my parents) was an Appy and they remain my favorite. He missed his 29th birthday by 2 weeks, I had him 25 years. There have been so many good friends. I am so glad you are able to foster the abused ones. I only have room/pasture now for 2, though we had as many as 8 here before my family passed away and I sold some of the land.


You can see my 4 fosters at

My four are Peyton, Red Lady Tess, Sugar and Spice, and Roux


Sue, I can relate and sympathize...I had to have my 8 year old paint gelding put down 3 years ago, my 30 yeard old sorrel Arabian mare died about 1 1/2 years ago, and my 27 year old Apaloosa died last year. I now have a 6 year old buckskin gelding and a 12 year old paint mare....but I foster 4 others....a 30 year old black Tennessee Walker mare, an 18 year old sorrel grade mare, a 7 year old sorrel grade mare, and a 10 yeard old sorrel grade mare...they were all removed from abusive/neglectful owners and awarded to the Equine Rescue organization I am a member of......


A beautiful picture to remember the happy times for Bob and Sue, Lady looks a gem; a beautiful colour, she certainly must have given much happiness, and received much love back.


Being a city girl, I've never really had any familiarity with horses but I can well understand how close you must become when you not only care for them, and "play" with them but they also "work" for you...for so very, very many years. I'm so sorry for your loss of Lady...but you must find it very comforting to know that your best beloved become part of the good earth of your and their home...and you can meditate and find comfort by being near them when you need to.


Thank you mulder and naner. She was a sweet old girl, very sly and sneaky about stealing food and treats. LOL


I'm very sorry for your loss.


So sorry about your loss. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you Cheryl. Yes, Bill is brokenhearted. He couldn't be there, but he tried. Several neighbors kept Lady and I company.


Thanks, PurlingPony. One of many resting in the pasture now, 42 years we have been on this property.


Sue, I am so very sorry your Lady has departed. I know you and your nephew will miss her greatly. My sympathy and hugs coming your way.


I'm so sorry, she was beautiful. I know you will miss her...