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Friesland, towns and villages, Moddergat

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Hi there you are again. Welcome to my puzzles. I live in Friesland for 7 years now, and that was one of the best things in live I did. It's real beautiful. I live at the very South of Leeuwarden, that's the Capitool of Friesland. My neighbourd is outside of the city but close enough. On my page you will find lots of photos of my view too. I just found your name, and know that you love England, but I don't know where you live. Thanks for dropping in Jan.


I love your pictures of Friesland, Ank - what a beautiful place to live!


Thanks Jana and Robbie. You're right Robbie. We only can do when the neighbours are not at home. But I like to hear Roger Waters too.


What a beautiful landscape Ank, I couldn't play Pink Floyd music loud like I can in Cape Breton!! Thanks.


Thanks, very intersting for me


I agree girls. This pic is beautiful. Pity it's not mine. Thanks.


A very pretty photo Ank.


Looks so pretty and the grass is a lovey shade of green. Yes I like it a lot'


Beautiful ....


Thanks Lorna and Robbos. Indeed it is always neat in the villages. People live together and look after each other. Normaly the community spirit is very good. Thats good but it also can be tighten. You can't do a thing without every one knows. But when there is a problem, it's the problem of the whole village and they all help. So advantages and disadvantages.


Looks a very neat and tidy village, thanks for sharing, Ank.


Good morning Ank. I love this row of houses with the vast open spaces around them, but a bit surprised that the houses are really quite close to reach other. Is there a good community spirit in villages like this?