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Winter bird - bullfinch

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Goodness, Kathy - I'm happy and surprised you find my puzzles inspirational. Glad you liked the layered puzzle - which actually is very simple - using PP and Want more info?


PJ, very creative indeed. I still have a long way to go before mastering the layered effect. You are an inspiration!!!!


Hi Michelle - so glad to hear from you. We know all about crossing borders for shopping. Europeans do it all the time :-) The price level and cost of living is very high in Norway - so we practice it whenever possible.
Distances - did you know that if you take a map of Europe and fold it in two right under the southern tip of Norway - the north tip comes all the way down to the middle of the Mediterranian Ocean. The distances in Northern Norway seem immense. A freind of mine has a neighbor, two and a half hours away by car. Where we live, a neighbor is someone in less than 10 minutes - walking distance.


Hi, PJ.
My husband has traveled a bit on business in Europe so that is why I knew to tell you about the distances we travel. I keep hoping that I will get the opportunity to go to Europe too. So many places that I'd love to see, including the central and western and northern parts of my own country. (Our prairie provinces would be similar to the American mid-west with the flat land that just goes on and on.) We haven't yet got out to the western part of Canada (although our son works in the far north of BC) but are familiar with going down east since I have a lot of family in Nova Scotia.

Unless you live in (French) Qu├ębec, it is not really necessary to speak anything but English. Some of us have learned some French in school (I am one of them and my daughter is bilingual) but not everyone appreciates the opportunity to try to learn another language. It would be wonderful to be able to speak several languages, to my mind! My daughter got to practice her French when she was on vacation in Europe for three weeks several years ago. She stayed mainly in Belgium at a friend's home and they took day trips in Belgium and to the Netherlands and Germany...and popped over to England for a couple of days and down to France. It was such an interesting experience for her. The only other country we can visit in that manner is the US. From Toronto, we could get to Buffalo, New York in about and hour and a half. Many local people do cross-border shopping since prices in the US are lower for the same item than we pay in Canada (and our dollar is usually comparable to or above theirs in value!).

As you know, I too have recently started creating puzzles but I am going to try to keep most of them in this profile. I will still want to post other photos (like I did of the sheep at my aunt's farm today) so I do those under puzzaddled2.

It has been very nice to meet you, PJ! *hugs* back to you too! ;-D M


Oh dear. Michelle - thank you so much - it was so nice to hear from you. I have recently read a geagraphy book on Canda so I can follow you along. It's a vast country. I remember the US midwest - the plains went on 'forever' - an incredible sight for a European. If you drive for 10 hours in Europe, you may cross many borders - so knowledge of languages is a necessity. The smaller countries have to focus even more on it.
I'll tell you more, but, for now, have a look at these: Sunnmoere, North Western Norway Glacier Lillesand, Southern Norway We met a reindeer a border road beween Norway and Finland on one of our visits to Northern Norway - where the distances are huge.

I started out with a few scenic posts - and very quickly got caught by puzzle creating.
Hugs, PJ


I found a link that you can check out for Scancook. (I mistakenly added the "d" in my prior note.) Several years ago they showed a simple recipe to roast a chicken using lemon and lots of fresh dill inside and under the skin (with butter). It was delicious and we make it all the time now! LOL

I live in the biggest city in Canada (Toronto) which is one of the most multi-cultural in the world. We get to experience and enjoy so many cultures and languages and foods and products and art; it is something that we tend to take for granted.

We are so very fortunate to have such a variety of scenery here in Canada. Distances are huge, compared to Europe, so we do tend to think nothing of going to visit someone who may live 2 to 3 hours away for a day visit. (Yesterday, I was at my aunt's farm, which is about a 2 1/2 drive at 100 km/hr.) It would take about 10 hrs (or more depending on traffic, especially through Toronto which has the busiest highway in North America) to travel from one side of southern Ontario to the other by car.

We have always loved to go camping (especially when the children were young) so that we can see and feel the beauty of our natural environment. Here in Ontario, we have a huge number of fresh-water lakes too with most of the northern part of the province fairly unspoiled. We have a few smaller mountains here in Ontario but a lot of variation in elevation due to glacial movement all those many years ago. I do so love my home province and country!

I've posted a couple of scenic puzzles that we have taken in various places in Canada so I'll give you a few links:

North Bay is about 4 hours north of where I live. My son was in flight school there. I took this from the helicopter while he was piloting it. This was in late May and you can see that spring is just starting there. The variation in growing season is large; we had already had everything planted and flowers were out and trees in leaf down here.

This is a park near my home where you can see the bluffs (taken in late fall):

A view of the muskeg in northern British Columbia (taken by our son, who lives and works there):

Parc National des Grand-Jardins in Quebec (taken by our daughter, while camping there): (Moose on the road)

I hope that you enjoy these, PJ! You should post some scenic views too. It's fun to share our countries with each other. ;-D


Michelle, how neat - I like especially the nature in Canada - such vast ares of wilderness, and beautiful lakes and mountains. Norway is small - the scenery changes all the time. Scandcook sounds interesting.


I am in Canada, PJ. I have always wanted the opportunity to visit the Scandinavian countries. Norway has some beautiful scenery, even if you have more winter than most! (I have often watched a cooking show on PBS called Scandcook and enjoy the showcasing of the various locales as much as seeing how different recipes are prepared.)


Michelle - thank you for your kind comment, glad you enjoyed the scene and the effects. Nice of you to visit. I live in Norway - and we have about 6 months of snow, so all colorful elements are welcomed.


Judy - thanks for your nice comment. Well, then you understand my sadness for not taking photos too. So interesting about Virginia - yes, it is nice with colorful birds in the winter.


Hi, PJ. From this, I am gathering that you live somewhere in Europe or the UK? I don't think that we have bullfinches here in North America. I love the effect of showing him against such a beautiful winter scene and the twirling frame hints at flight. I like these effects! ;-D (Michelle)


Too bad you didn't get a picture of your work, PJ. I gave away big, time consuming projects without taking a picture, too. This is such a beautiful bird, and I can see no why he is so popular during the winter. I grew up in Virginia, and the state bird was the cardinal, another colorful species for the long winter months, having a similar color scheme throughout. Thanks for the details; I still love learning.


Thank you Judy. I'm pleased you appreciate it, and do you know - I have stitched bullfinches before but they were not photographed. ... Bullfinches are very popular here because they make such a wonderful contrast to white, black and dark green - dominant color in nature during our winter months.


PJ, I had to check this out, because I thought it might be more stitchery. It is stunning even though not homemade. The puzzle is your creation and is just beautiful. You have a good thing going here. I love the bird!