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TILE 971 (smaller version available see comments box)

81 pieces
48 solves
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Sometimes these things do happen Ardy . . . I double checked and your posting had certainly not arrived when I left that msg for you . . . at least they got there in the end . . . :D)


Su I went back to 969 and my comment is there over one from you about the grandsons pictures which I had found and commented on on T&F. I wonder if you checked while I was still writing. and the two comments crossed in cyberspace. I didn't see your link until I went back now. I usually look to see if you've left a message and I'm sure I checked that one especially.


LOL . . . oh no you're not. It looks as though you forgot to press "Post Comment"


On 969 tonight.


A smaller, 49 piece version of this puzzle is available on