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Fall in Oregon!

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330 solves
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Dagmar - I love to be your provider of autumn. However, don't count on me to provide winter. We don't do winter well in least not near me! :D


What a wonder photo, as I told you this year I'm experiencing autumn mostly through your puzzles, although on Saturday morning I managed a very short walk through the countryside a bit north of my flat where I managed to see some yellow leaves, but nothing like this.
Thanks for some fun in the morning. :))


You are so welcome, Hanne. Wish you could see Oregon for yourself!

Ardy - I agree completely! I noticed today that our color is almost gone....just a few bright yellows left.....but I refuse to give up yet!


Hester - Ah, but I am....I just do it with subtlety! LOL (it was a non-paying position, anyway!

Mariasha - Now, I am just going to have to solve this puzzle, myself. You make it sound like so much fun, besides being beautiful. thanks so much!


What a wonderful place for thinking and dreaming. Thanks, Jan for the peacefulness of this beautiful scene.


HOOOOWWWLLLLL!! Jan, it's incredible!! Thanks so very, very much!!

Not only is this a stunning puzzle, but it had an amazing progression when I was doing it, that I haven't really experienced before...each layer of color ascending from the stream...yep, fun to do too!


Jan, if you aren't employed by the Oregon Tourist Board then you are missing a trick! This is stunning! :-)


Thanks so much Pat, Graciela and Francine! I wish it was my own photo! It is lovely!


Ooooh, this is beautiful.


Beautiful, love those colors! thanks JB


Gorgeous thanks Jan