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Switch-Back Swirlerfly

42 pieces
58 solves
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What breed of puppy is it, and does it have a name yet, Rosie? Maggie and Cassie want to be able to welcome it properly to the Jigidi family! Is that its photo as your avatar? If so, most adorable! :-)))


It does kinda look like Lela's ears doesn't it??? The colors in this Swirlerfly are delightful and so summery--matching the temps and humidity, making everything look droopy. I think it's wonderful and a great addition to the family. Sorry I'm so far behind. Please don't take the time to comment on my comment---just wanted you to know that I am still here just not commenting as often---the puppy is really taking lots of time and attention.


Thanks so much, Lela (if anyone's an expert, of course, you are.....), Katie, Ardy, Mimi, and Edie--it's certainly not a snow angel, though, since it's been in the 90's for what feels like forever around here, with no end in sight.... :-(


Company finally left and I get to solve my first puzzle since early this morning. Thanks for making it a good one Pat.


This is one hard puzzle lady, good thing I had 3 days to spare! :)))) Pretty angel I think too.


One more rare fly has been noted and will be recorded shortly. Personally I think it's a angel. Thanks, Pat. Lovely colors.


Swell swirlerfly Pat!


Beautifully symmetrical ears!....................