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Disco Pinwheel Path

81 pieces
325 solves
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PJ, I'm so glad that you made it through. For some reason, it reminds me of a disco ball hanging from the ceiling. :-)


Goodness - I made it :-). Wendy - this was a challenge, but I enjoyed the slightly off / on moving of the circles / rays. Defintely disco!!!!!


Pat and Mandy, I SHOULD have provided motion sickness pills, but you know me. I forget these things. I'm glad that you both enjoyed it anyway. Next time, ask me for pills before you start solving.

Judy, no, I created the 'swizzle sticks' in this puzzle in a totally different way than/from* the other ones you're referring to. But I'm glad you had a wonderful journey and didn't get seasickness or come down with disco fever. LOL

Wonderful, whatnauts! That's the right spirit. :-)

*I'm not sure which is correct.


Ah, I see we are back at the disco. Well, in that case, Let's Get Down Tonight and Turn The Beat Around because Young Hearts Run Free. LOL


Wendy, I see you've creatively put those swizzles sticks to use again. I think they are the spine for the multicolored ceiling of an elaborate ceiling in a circus tent. Way to go, my frind. I had awonderful journey solving this beauty and hope to see many more like it if possible.


Wendy, this is truly spectacular - I feel like I'm standing under something that is spinning madly... but will have to wait for a chance to solve it, as I'm not at home :~)


Oh, my, I ended up with vertigo when the puzzle bloomed at the end--it looks as if I'm peering down a deep (albeit colorful!) well from waaaaaay up high! Shiver~~~~~~~~

Cool puzzle, Wendy! :-)))