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for my friend on jigidi hanne, peg ,mimi, jo , jill, and all others whose names do not know ...

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Fortunately in our area have been instances of houses buried in drifts ... but it was enough, I still have plenty of snow, I think it will last until April, in shady areas ... but, that is, nature does not play ...hugs , my friend


Vera, I so hope you are not in the area of Romania that is buried under 15' (4+ meters) of snow. If you are you need these lovely, lovely flowers so much more than we do. : ) But we all thank you for them. Hold on---Spring is just around the corner....................


Many thanks, jo, with all my heart ... I wish you a wonderful spring, full of flowers and joy.


Dearest Vera, How beautiful and delicate the flowers are!! Thankyou for them. I also consider you my good friend too!! I hope some day we all have a chance to meet each other in person!! Won't we have some good fun!! Hugs to keep you warm!! xo Your friend, Jo :)


mimi , peg , jill , hanne , jan , is normaly , is normal between friends to make us each a little surprise ... I have a hidden interest, hopefully, bringing pictures of flowers and greenery, spring and soon to invite to my house, as much I have already tired of cold and snow ... kisses


Thank you so very much, Vera! What a wonderful surprise to see a puzzle with my name on it. These flowers are so beautiful. I love their soft pink color. I am honored to be considered your friend. I do consider you to be my friend as well. Thank you so much. ((( Hugs)))


Dearest, thank you for including me in your friends. Hugs from Oakley, Idaho, USA. Kisses!


Vera this is lovely, so delicate and so beautiful! Thank you so much! I love it.


and for you, jan.hugs from romania.


Vera, it's heavenly!! Thanks so awfully much!! Kisses!!


Hi Verushka! Another pretty puzzle on a day we may get snow. My real name is Jan. Thank you.


So pretty verushka.