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PJ's Special Request #19

36 pieces
196 solves
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Hi, Judy! I don't like the "Create" option at all. I like to TEST the puzzle pieces first, and I didn't see that as an option anymore. Just looking at the cutouts in a square doesn't really show you what the pieces will look like when puzzlers actually see them for the first time.

I'm also not sure what they mean when the say you can, "Publish puzzles to Jigidi at your convenience," but then somewhere else they mention the 24 hour limit. I hope they mean that now we can post our puzzles at ANY TIME during the 24 hour slots. I've wanted that forever! There are some really cool things they've done though. For now I've been using the 'normal' set up, but will go back and check again later on today.


I love the new Jigidi update. It makes the colors seem more vibrant, and it really does this puzzle justice. So glad you posted it, and I like the small sizes too, especially if I want to solve such a wonderful variety. I feel like I'm going to an art gallery each new day to see my fovorite (and new) creators' latest contributions. This one is SUPERB!!


Mandy, the best thing about forgetting them is that you can solve the puzzle again and enjoy it just as much the second time round. :-)

PJ, I know! Don't feel the need to apologize to me or anyone else. As you now know, I will create more flower ones, and like I've done in the past, post them as small puzzles. :-)


Dear Wendy - this was so much fun.
You had posted your flowers in smaller sizes - so I did not request them....


I remember lots of them, but not all of them... like you I forget!!!


Mandy, you've probably done most of PJ's special requests in the larger sizes already! But if you're like me, I have forgotten so many of the puzzles I solved in the past.


Another lovely 3d swirl, thanks Wendy, the criss cross effect is very effective... LOL!!


Ardy, I promise I'll include at least one flower puzzle using my Wendy_13 alias each day for now on. PJ sent me so many requests that I honestly forgot all about the flowers, but I noticed that you, Mary, and a few other people haven't been around much for the past few days and realized why! I miss you guys. :-(


Wendy I was glad to find this one to solve today. I've checked your puzzles but they were either too large or not quite my thing - whatever that is. It would be nice to have the flowers back since I can;t have what I really want.


Katie, the one thing I realize is that I've been neglecting the flower puzzle people so I'm going to have to start including at least one a day for now on. PJ filled me up with so many requests that I forgot all about the flowers. LOL


A swell stripey swirl! Thanks from me too for the small sized puzzle Wendy!


Thank you, chilisand. I think that for now on I'm going to use my Wendy_13 alias for small ones, and my Wendy13 alias for Medium, Large, and the Very Large sizes. It means that I'll be posting two more small ones a day altogether (four instead of the 'normal' two). :-)


You are so nice to make these smaller puzzles for those who need/want them. Thank you for sharing your talents.