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Blast from the Past

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I bet everyone can remember these! Days gone by.


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Many times!


Have you ever left with the speakers still in the car when backing out? I am not saying, OK


Oh, Cel, you're so lucky. Isn't Litchfield where Laurajane lives? She posts a lot of pix from there. I'd love to be able to go to a drive-in movie on a hot summer's night once again! Robryan, you're so right, had to be careful about sticking your head in the cars! Thanks, JoJosmom, at least you do still have one left. I haven't even seen one in many years.


We have one left here in Brisbane. I haven't been for decades - but it was always fun. You'd see fogged up windows & always had to be careful not to look into cars on the way to the kiosk!!


We still have a drive-in around here. (It is in Litchfield Illinois) Open for the summers. They did away with the speakers but the poles are still there. Now you get to tune it in on your radio.
:) Cant wait for summer to start going back
Thanks Texas


Oh, how I miss the drive-ins! We were lucky to have five close enough to go to here in Joplin, MO. GGL is absolutely correct--mosquitos swarmed in the summer, and windows up when it rained or was too cold. All the little kids played on the playground down front. So sad that there is only one left now. Sherry


Of course not, Jacques! We were innocent, not dirty! It was all so much fun, too. Thank you, Sis, Chookies & Shirley!


What movie, Jacques, you didn't go to the drive-in to see the movie!!! hee hee!!


Brings back memories, of long long ago, I believe there are a couple of Drive-in Movie venue's in Australia. Thanks for the memories texasstar.


did you do dirty things in the car while playing the movie??


We used to see how many we could fit into the boot of the car - that way we didn't have to pay for their entrance fee......until management become a wake-up to what was going on, so as each car went through the entrance gate, they made us pop the boot up!!! Spoil sports....


I agree, Sis!


Thanks, CM, Chooks, GGL & Lyndee. I agree, it was tons of fun during that time. I can't believe Jacques, that you've never been able to enjoy drive in movies!! What an era you missed! You would have loved it, too!


The good ole' days. Best night was the double feature $1 a car night! Amazing how many can fit in a car! LOL


Nope, not head phones...too big. They hung on your card door or car window. If it was in the summer, the window was down and the mosquitos invaded...if it was in the winter, the window was up and usually fogged over and those inside were either cuddled up under a blanket or freezing their tushes...........


never seen this before dear! it looks like a headphones!


Oh yeah, I bet they do, chickie!! They do for me too - hee hee!!!!


Brings back a lot memories. Thanks tex.


Stratplayer, you're lucky, a piece of Americana virtually gone! Thank you, GGL! My brother lived in Naples in East Texas for many years. Thanks, Suzy and Doglover, I agree. Very sad, Davehenry, that anyone would miss this, the best of teenage entertainment!


Very North American ,not occuring in European countrys. They don't know what they missed.


Oh, yes! Those were the days.


The Good old days!


There were two drive-ins in my home town in East on the south side and one on the north side. My best friend lived on the south side and I lived on the north side of town. When we double dated, if we went to the River Road Drive In on the south side, Pat had to be home at 10pm and I had to be home at 10:30....If we went to the Cherokee on the north side, I had to be home at 10pm and Pat had to be home at 10:30...LOL


Still have a drive in theater in Maryland