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This could go on for a long time.

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A day with the jigidi group photographing flowers.


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I'll tell you who's gonna get a belt!

As usual, I'm very glad that I've learned not to be sipping coffee while I read some of your comments (for example) you & John being such innocent babes in the woods, P ~ L ~ E ~ A ~S ~E
Silly me, I keep forgetting that Pinocchio is a cousin of yours. Do we need to get out the violins? As Morris said below, I'm sure you two youngsters did just fine . . . . . . By the way, did your mate Rob attend this gala . . . . I'd definately want to be there if that ever happens !!!!


I am sure that you and John did just fine, pg!


beautiful pg!


Oh my goodnes Photogent........I hope you have a shovel handy!!!!


I take the side of the ladies. I could hear you harassing them as we drove by the gardens!


Oh, you really looked like you were suffering young man.


Morris t least if you stayed we had a chance but John and I were like babes in the woods with all these ladies and we are both such innocents. You have never seen LJ after a few belts in the morning. Let's not go there at this time of the evening.


That's OK, laura. It is well deserved. I should have taken more day.


You probably won't her the end of that for a long time, morris. This all could have been avoided....


Beautiful set PG!!


I missed the flower show.. Glad you all had a blast!
Wonderful pics as usual PG :) smiles


You got me there, pg! Doesn't make much sense, I ran to the Cold. It is a lovely 20 degrees F. I should have gone your way, my friend.


Awesome set for the album of Your Highness... Thanks so much for sharing..


What a wonderful set, glad you all had such a good time.

These are stunning, what a beautiful bouquet they would have made! (the sight of them could not have come at a better time, thanks!) ROTFL at your comment below . . . it ain't easy being in the minority at a Garden Show, kudos to you & John, young man :))))


This was a fun trip even with all the crazy jigidi people in the area. I think Ill is going to put up a poster at the border with our pictures and refuse entry into the state again.
Glad you like orchids Hanne with all that were take between the group you will be in heaven. Morris did not attend the show because as a true northerner he ran from the cold and went home early. A few feet of snow should not stop a true person from WISCONSIN. Dang cheese heads run from snow? What would Vince say? Then the poor kid from South Carolina left 75 degrees to come to the tundra and had to stay....


A very long time. Heh heh.


Ohhh SOOO marvellous!! Thanks so very much PG, if you shouldn't know I LOVE orchids!!


Nice shot and a fun time was had by all. : )


I hope it does, pg!


A long time, that would be good... The flowers are so lovely... Deep rich photos... A good time was had by all?? Yes??? Kumbaya??? Have a delightful time.... I'd say take lots of photos... but then..... :) :)


WoW! These are unusual - great set today pg - thanks.


Ooooo! Beyond pretty!! Thank you photogent.


Your flowers are beautiful photogent, just what I needed.
And thank you for your kind words, some days are better than others.
I'm doing the best I can.


These certainly look like orchids....are they? and what kind. Very unusual and exotic....