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Cardinal, Boston, Feb 9, 2013

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A friend sent me some pix of the blizzard in Boston! Poor little fellow.


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You're most welcome, my dear Patti!


Ooooh, I love it! It's soooo red!!!! Thank you! And thanks for alerting me to it! Not sure how I missed it!


Me, either, Sis. Maybe it's the backdrop of white snow. He sure is beautiful.


What a beautiful Cardinal. Don't think I've ever seen one that's as brilliant red as this one. Thanks, sis!


Nicky, he is really vibrant, maybe because it's so cold! You have that beautiful European Robin, yes? We have a different kind here, they're pretty, but yours are gorgeous too. Thanks, Robryan, I bet he was glad he had that downy coat during this weather.


Feather down sure is effective isn't it!! Nice one tex.


So beautiful and striking - I've never seen a picture of one this bright before. Would love to see a real one - the nearest we get here in England is the robin.


These little fellows sure do brighten up the wintertime. Thanks, RH.



Reminds me of the ones that huddle in the bush next to my house.


I see on the Cornell bird site that some of the Western and Southwestern states have none any time of year, and that's a total surprise to me. Guess you'll have to come for a visit to see them. And other wonderful things we have to offer. Thanks, Laura!


I live in southeastern Arizona, Cochise County - home of Tombstone, Chiricahua Mountains, Fort Huachuca (where the black Buffalo Soldiers were stationed), Cochise Stronghold where the Chiricauah Apache, Cochise, held out against the American cavalry.


That's the good part of that blizzard, Angel, knowing it will all melt. They'll sure have a mess of mud for a few days! Thanks, Angel & CM.


Nice cardinal in the snow.

They, and he, are gorgeous. Indiana's state bird. It sounds like the storm has moved out and now it is time to move the "droppings". At least everyone seemed to take heed of the warnings and stayed off the roads.


Thank you, Kitten, and this is an extra pretty one, I think, the vibrant color with the snow. Laura, maybe the dull brown ones are female Cardinals? What area are you in? I thought everyone had Cardinals. They sure are beautiful. Thanks for stopping in.


Lovely photo. I've only seen one of these in real life in the Cochise Stronghold (Dragoon Mountains). Down here in the valley I've only seen birds that have the cardinal crest on his/her head but it's just a dull brown.

Pretty favorite his red.