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Funny Green Faces Flower

36 pieces
109 solves
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Thank you, Jan. I think it's pretty good advice or I wouldn't be doing it all the time. In fact, before I ever found Jigidi, Google was my homepage when I logged on. Now that Jigidi is my homepage, I have an icon on my Links/Bookmark toolbar that takes me directly to Google when I click on it. It's on the far left so that I never have to search for it among my icons.


Wendy - thanks, your comment to me seems quite sensible.


whatnauts, I know what you mean by noticing the purple first, but while creating this all I could see was the green faces...which is why it has the title it does...although I should have said "silly" rather than "funny."

Jan, I'm going to check out your puzzles as soon as I get done responding to the comments here. I have to tell you though, that whenever I have a problem figuring out how to do something, I go immediately to Google and type out the problem along with keywords. I also go to youtube and do the same thing. It usually takes quite a bit of time but in the end it's worth it.

Mandy, read my reply to whatnauts. I'm very lazy right now. hehehe ;-)

Mary, I'm visualizing you doing the Funny Faces Flower Dance and I'm smiling a very big smile....well, chuckling along with the smile. :-)

Ardy, I look forward to your return!


Lovely, Wendy. Thanks. Spent a great day outdoors today. Much cooler than yesterday and a little less windy. Home tomorrow sometime.


The Funny Faces Flower invokes the Funny Faces Flower Dance! Oh, what fun, what fun! 3:40 Love it! Thanks, Wendy!


I'm with whatnauts - I saw the purple first, then on closer examination I saw the Green Faces too! Thanks Wendy.


How fun - a humorous and beautiful flower! The green faces are hilarious!
(Wendy, I have tried making something to post for a week. I lack digital experience - so finally I went back to Powerpoint, and had 3 posted.)


Funny, the first thing I see when I look at this puzzle is PURPLE!!!


Good Morning, Sindy! Flowers are good for the soul. :-)

Gooood mornin', Wendy! Lovin' your flowers! :D