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Today is National Wear Your Pyjamas to Work Day! How many times have you just wanted to roll out of bed and head into work in your cozy, comfortable pyjamas? Well, today you can!

Pyjamas can refer to several related types of clothing. The original paijama are loose, lightweight trousers fitted with drawstring waistbands and worn in South and West Asia by both sexes. In many English-speaking nations, pyjamas are loose-fitting, two-piece garments worn chiefly for sleeping, but sometimes also for lounging, and also for doing housework

Pyjamas are usually worn with bare feet and slippers and often without underwear. They are often worn as comfort wear even when not in bed, and are also sometimes worn as a fashion statement. In North America, some people (mainly young females) have started to wear pyjama pants in public as fashion. In China, it is not unusual in the late afternoon or evening, to have adults wear their pyjamas in public around their local neighbourhood.

The word "pyjama" was incorporated into the English language from a Hindustani language. The word originally derives from the Persian word Payjama meaning "leg garment."

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I feel the same way about nightgowns Wendy... but I've only ever bought pyjama bottoms, I don't have any tops... since I never bought them to sleep in, but only to wear... mostly for festivals!!! I do have a couple of oversized t-shirts that I sometimes sleep in when I stay overnight on someone's couch... for decency's sake!! They have sheep on the front!!!

It doesn't matter Pat!! I'm often late with your puzzles :~))


I'm a day late but I made it...


Mandy, like you, I've always disliked nightgowns....and would much prefer sleeping with nothing on than wearing them. When I did wear the occasional nightgown, it would slide up- so what was the use of wearing them? Furthermore, I'd trip over them because I'm short and they were too long.

Mandy, seriously, try wearing your favorite nightwear top in public. Pick a soft one with a nice design. If I wear nightwear bottoms, I always wear a plain one color cotton shirt to go with it.


Wendy those PJs look wonderful... I love that colour, and the sense of being snug and cosy in the all in one must have been terrific. My Mum only ever got me nighties... which I didn't enjoy wearing... she would then been scandalised that I opted not to wear them and only wore my birthday suit!!! Maybe pyjamas are this generations' jeans and t-shirts!!


Mandy, I DO wear pajama bottoms in public. And I also oftentimes wear pajama tops in public- but when I do that, I always wear jeans (not pajama bottoms). I think people would be surprised how comfortable pajamas are as day wear.

On another note, I just found my favorite pajamas when I was a kid-
I felt a sense of security when I wore this.


I prefer nightgowns for sleeping, but will sometimes wear pyjamas around the house if I'm not feeling well. I wouldn't dream of being seen in them in public, although I see lots of young people in their pyjama bottoms when I'm out and about!


So true Magda!!! For me every day is Jigidi day too... and a chance to catch up with friends and meet new people too... squeezed around working, creating puzzles and solving!! I'm loving your creations :~))


Just have to add something. It does not matter, if I don't know what day it is. I do know, everyday is jigidi day! For solving and now making. LOL


I think it's a wonderful day to celebrate!! I just love the image of the policeman wearing his purple pyjamas though... it makes me smile every time!! Thanks PJ - your puzzle is a great idea :~))


Of all the weird things to celebrate! Thanks for fun images and interesting info. Wearing it outside the house would not work over here - too much trouble to try and fit it over all our necessary winter garments - maybe if we get a summer this year :-)))
Bikini and sarong sounds wonderful, Mandy. I got inspired to alter my initial striped puzzle ot pyjamas stripes instead :-)))


Well Hanne - you could always pretend to be an Emperor with "new clothes"!!! For me the next best thing to pyjamas is a sarong!! Happily I live in a seaside town, so walking around with a bikini and a sarong in the summer is fine!!!


What if you use no pyjamas?? Thanks so very much Mandy!!


You'll often find me wearing pyjamas bottoms with a t-shirt... my local store did some lovely tartan ones in purple a year or so ago and I bought them to wear to a festival and have ended up wearing them lots more than that... and I've worn them to go shopping too!!

I've only recently acquired a taste for PJs (as I call them) Francine, until a couple of years ago I didn't own any either!! I didn't know what I was missing :~)) Cheers right back at you!!

I always think nightgowns look very pretty Ardy, but I get tangled up in them!!! Too much fabric for me :~))

Scrubs are so much more comfortable aren't they Rosie, I wish I could wear them at work... although some people do get away with it on the night shifts... ummm... I wonder???

Thanks shazzaannie, LOL at your TB!! I don't suppose your girl friends would notice what he's wearing after a night out... would they???? My husband always used to wear slippers wherever he went, and was often seen shopping in the local stores wearing them. I've got him a pair of croc type shoes now, which he lives in, they are not quite so obviously "slippers"!!!

Thanks Katie, sweat pants/jogging bottoms are also a firm favourite here... for lounging around on cold winter evenings!!


I usually wear sweat pants and turtle neck shirts for pajamas except in summer. Very comfortable day today Mandy - thanks!

What a lovely day to celebrate. I love my PJs and often lounge around in them. Unfortunately I had to go out today so I had to get dressed. Many youngsters now go out to the shops in theirs - I haven't quite got the nerve for that. Although I have to say The Beloved is often in his when he picks me up from a night out with the girls - he does get a bit embarrassed if I then offer a lift home to a friend!!!


One of the few percs working as a nurse was wearing scrubs---very pajama like clothing and we all loved it. Never wore nurses white only colored scrubs. Made washing out the crud much easier. Thanks for another great WK day. Rosie


I don't own any either. I switched to nightgowns years ago. We have uniforms at our school but every so often there is a crazy dress day - one of those is pajama day. Many of the kids and some of the braver teachers actually wear their pajamas to school. If we had just known maybe this could have been celebrated today. Thanks, Mandy. Interesting information and delightful pictures.


Good afternoon/morning Mandy. [I don't own any, hee-hee.]
Haven't been around Jigidi much lately, wanted to say cheers. :)


Bananas in pyjamas are coming down the stairs.
Bananas in pyjamas are coming down in pairs.
Can you tell I watched too much TV with my kids. Love the concept but I have to go outside so soon after getting up that I always dress first. Not that it would matter around here. I'm sure the chickens wouldn't care if I came out starkers as long as I brought their morning mash. Great 'Who Knew' thanks Mandy


Mandy, you really don't have to apologize. You are a working lady, I have nothing to do. I am surprised you manage all this. Thanks a lot for all you do.


Thanks for the history of pajamas, Mandy. It's still early enough here (6:20 am) that I'm wearing mine but you wouldn't catch me going out in them unless there was an emergency. Love the images, especially the cute dogs wearing PJs. :-))


Oh Magda, I am sorry, I was not able to post the preview for this puzzle last night as I usually do, because I was at work! It's the first thing I did when I got home this morning though!! The pijamas you describe sound really pretty, thank you :~))


yes, "chooridar pijamas" are very tight, extremely long "trousers", which give small folds like bengals (choorian) on the leg. High fashion for young girls, and pretty, in the Indian subcontinent.
Lovely puzzle. Unfortunately today I am dressed; very often I sit on the computer in pijama, but not today. Did not know! Thanks Mandy!