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yesterday, soon after the hawk departed

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Thank you, TS7. Amazing that it could pick up a squirrel. And, yes, it is the food chain but it is hard to watch.

The first time I saw a hawk, it was outside my kitchen window and was feasting on its lunch. I could only see the back of it, but I had never seen such a big bird on the ground. This one, or its "family" has certainly made our yard a lunch wagon.


Roseheather, last summer, I was outside in my backyard, which is pretty dense with trees and bushes, and out of nowhere, down swooped a hawk and grabbed a squirrel that was playing in the yard. It was amazing to watch, he was fast as lightening, and that squirrel was pretty big, but he just picked it up in his claws and flew away. Made me think that's what happens to some of the missing pets around here. Aah, the food chain! Thanks, nice puzzle.


I think I am finding 13 also, Schutkleur. They came back quite quickly. Probably because it was so cold, and probably the hawk flew a good distance away.

They have also become quite used to the big crows coming into the yard. The hawk streaked across in front of one of the windows and my husband thought he would see it on the ground, but then he discovered it in the branches of the bush.


It didn`t scare them too much then?? I can count some 13 birds???