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For Tex & chookies: Real snow

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View from my sister's dining room window.


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Hi, BrightSky,

I can't take temperatures like that either. Fortunately, we only get about three weeks like that at the end of July in Vancouver (Canada). As Vancouver is on the water and the westerlies blow up the valley east of us we don't usually have high humidity...we did the other day though as there was low cloud cover. Our interior, particularly Lytton in the Fraser Canyon is frequently the hot spot in Canada. It is a really dry heat but it just takes my breath away...I don't know how people can live there. We do have to worry about forest fires in the middle of the province during July-September as it gets very dry...way more trees than say, California, but just about as dry at that time.

I'll try to take more snow pictures this winter and include in the dedication! :DDD


A lovely, refreshing photo - thank you, gemstone. For picky people like me, this is the perfect puzzle to work on that blue background option.

In Alexandria, Va. (suburb of Washington, DC, USA), we've already had 80-degree (F) weather. (I don't speak Celsius so I had to look it up: 27c.) We're back to spring now, but in a couple of months, we'll hit the high 90s. I really dislike 98-degree heat with 98-percent humidity. That's when I'll be re-puzzling all the fine winter photos in Jigidi.


Thank you, Jana and Tatinha. I left a message to each of you on one of your puzzles. :)))


Happy Easter gems!


Happy Easter Faye :-)))


Just checked and it's only 8c at 6:30. Sun has popped out but we're in for lots of rain this week...guess the Pineapple Express will be around for awhile. It got so warm here yesterday that we had to have the glass door open and lower some blinds...but I'm not putting my winter coat away yet! LOL All the snow gone there?


Hey!! we had 17c today! what about you?


LOL, pg. That is why we "visit"! The snow wouldn't bother me too much but when it dips below -10C and it's dark for 15-16 hours per day...that's when cabin fever would develop. Besides...getting too old to have to shovel that stuff every other day! But then, while they like the early spring and greenness down here, they hate the traffic and the hectic pace. To each his own. :)))


What a beautiful tree and snow cover. I am glad that it is there and I am in SC. Gemstone that is a wonderland but I freeze to easily now but I can look at it all day.


Hello Faye - I have just posted a message for Healer (Jeannie) on my picture puzzle of tapestry crosses and pockets. I hope you will be able to locate it for her as I'm not sure how to get it to her, being fairly new to the jigidi site. Sending good vibes of Peace to you and Blessings, Nicky (niccolino).


We live in Vancouver, British Columbia (Lotus Land...LOL) but my sister lives in the middle of the province...about a seven hour drive east and north...following the Fraser and Thompson rivers to a town called One Hundred Mile. It was one hundred miles north of Cache Creek and was the route the miners followed in the 1858 gold rush. Some years there's barely a trace of snow but 4-5 feet is normal for October-March...which is needed for the water table otherwise there are some fearful forest fires in the summer. At the middle left of the picture is the frozen lake which starts to break up in late April with the last piece of ice usually disappearing in May. They can't plant their gardens until the May 24th weekend and occasionally get a frost even after that...but my sister, brother-in-law, and their friends make it a great place to visit and the drive there is through God's country! :)))


Five feet of snow?? Where are you, gemstone? If you don't want to say, that's okay.


Hi, lj,

Yes. It is a blue spruce. When they first put lights on it they used three it's 6-8 and those only cover this side of the the ladder only goes half way up! My brother-in-law is a perfectionist so he waded through thigh deep snow from the back in order not to leave footprints at the front! LOL
So far this year they've had about five feet of snow but generally only 6-8 inches at a time. :)))


Hi Gemstone, your sister has a beautiful tree. Is it a spruce? I just love it, all draped with snow.


Faye, I hope you see husband passed away Monday Feb. 25....I'll be back to jigidi when I'm ready, it's tough right now, just wanted you to know.


Figures, Faye, you had to go north to find snow! You, who live in such a balmy winter climate for our fair! (Should get our youngest to send a pic, he's many, many hours north of you...right up at the top and over by the border with your next door neighbour. I think they get about 2 hours of summer... ;-D)

Making the rounds to my friends to give them a Valentine. (Jigidi won't let me post yet...)


Wasn't sure if you saw this... I bookmarked it to do later...when? Who knows! Hugs, Libby ;-)


Hi Gemstone. With reference to

Click-on any thumbnail image you come across and type the name of the place you wish to look at in the Search box (top right) and it will give you a list of place names to chose from (there can be more than one place with a particular name, but usually in different counties). If you click-on the grid reference at the side of the chosen name you will be presented with a page of options, two of which are worth a look, namely Sample Images and Breakdown List. If you open Sample Images at the bottom of the column you may see the option of, Find all images taken from this square. Breakdown list gives more options.

If instead of clicking-on the grid reference you choose to click-on the place name you will be presented with up to 20 pages of images for that place. Clicking on a thumbnail will show the image at its maximum resolution, a small map and there may be a description of that place. Top right of the page is a grey box with NE N NE E SE S SW and W Click-on any and you will move on by 1kilometre square at a time.


Hi, Gemstone, It looks just beautiful,but to me the snow would last too long. I'm glad its gone here now and Goofie is getting used to it.:)) This afternoon he was having a bite of his catnip which already has some leaves growing back. He had 13 days of joy in the me that's long enough:))


Hi, Impie,
This is not is a seven hour drive north...about the middle of the province. Up there, the snow won't disappear until March or April and the last bit of ice won't be gone from the lake until May. Vancouver and the Lower Mainland has weather more like The Hague and if we get snow, it usually doesn't last...Goofie wouldn't be happy! LOL :D


It sure is beautiful Gemstone, but I'm glad "our" snow is gone for now:))


Thank you, fatbean. :D


beautiful gemstone


Hee hee. Tex so wants a good snowfall and looking at the fires and temperatures that chookies has, Australia could use a little round about now! :D


Well, this is just a fine snow to show off to those hot weather people!


Glad you enjoyed it, Monica. Thank you for visiting. :D


That was so much fun putting this puzzle together! Enjoyed it completely! Thanks so much for posting this one Faye!...Monica. :)))


Weeell...I knew you had real snow...just not much of it. LOL

While it weighs a ton to shovel, it usually doesn't pack too well for snowmen...a bit too dry. But occasionally you do get the wet, big flakes and then you could have a HUGE snowman...and lots of wide open spaces for snow angels!


Hey tex, we could make a great BIG snowman with this amount of snow, we could pelt each other with snowballs and then make beautiful snow fairies! How cool would that be, hey? Thanks for thinking of us both gemstone!


First it was fall now it's winter. And I thought Texans brag! So are you saying mine was fake snow, even the mini snowman? LOL This is beautiful. I wish we had that much!