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Sorrel Leopard Appaloosa

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A Sorrel Leopard Appaloosa, ancestors bred by Nez Perce Indians Mountain Ryder
"A Sorrel Leopard Appaloosa, ancestors bred by Nez Perce Indians Mountain Ryder" via Kenneth Hansen
"The Nez Perce tribe were one of the most numerous and powerful tribes of the Plateau Culture area. They lived a semi-nomadic lifestyle fishing, hunting, or gathering wild plants for food. They lived in pit houses in the winter and tule-mat lodges in the summer. The introduction of the horse in the 1700's brought about a change in lifestyle and many of the people traveled to the Great Plains to hunt buffalo. They adopted some of the ideas of the Great Plains native Indians including the use of the tepee which were covered with buffalo hides and some items of clothing made from buffalo hides. The rich grasslands of the Nez Perce territory enabled the tribe to become horse breeders and traders and they raised some of the largest horse herds of any Native American Indian group. They are famous for breeding the sturdy, spotted horses now called Appaloosas, that were named after the Palouse tribe. The Lewis and Clark expedition encountered the Nez Perce during their explorations and Meriwether Lewis described the Appaloosa in his journal dated February 15, 1806 "Their horses appear to be of an excellent race. They are lofty, elegantly formed, and durable"." -


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Maria, have never seen a horse with these markings and have seen quite a few in the last few weeks.
Almost looks like a blue hue to his face. He is beautiful as are all horses - thanks for sharing him with us. (✿´‿`)


Very interesting story, and what a beautiful horse. Thanks Maria.


What a Beauty, FosterMomMaria! I have never seen a horse with such lovely colouring. Thanks so much. Cece

That is the coolest colored Appaloosa I've ever seen! At least someone is still breeding for color!