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1956 De Soto Fireflite Sportsmans (Reverse Colors)

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Actually, De Soto in 1955 had a model called the Coronado, which was turqoise, white, and black. Also, in 1956, they had a Chrysler New Yorker St. Regis, which was a tri-tone. My uncle has one as a matter of fact. I would love to see the model if you find it!


I will hope to find that little car someday... maybe someday soon? Too many other high priority things right now. I will definitely post a photo of it when I can!

Was this just a year before Chrysler Corp produced the three-color schemes?


The paint colors are original. They were both factory color combinations. My dad's car (left), was re-painted once back in the 70's in the original yellow/white. My car (right), was rescued from a junk yard in the 60's and is wearing the original white/yellow paint on the front end. A previous owner started a restoration and painted the back in the original colors. So, yes the colors are originally reversed.
I'm not sure if I understood your second question completely, but the right-hand car is in the picture that features the other car. In that picture, you can see the plastic over the window on the passenger side. It had to sit outside for a while, but now is inside waiting until I'm out of college to get back on the road.
In regards to the DeSoto brochures, there were quite a few made, so I am not sure which ones you have. My dad has several, but it's hard to say if they are the same as there were quite a few.
oddio: Thank you. It would be interesting to have seen your model.

DeSotoKing: Were you funning with the paints on the reverse one? I never saw one done that way.
Did you have a pic of the two cars before with the right-hand one still in work with ploastic over the right door window opening?
Response to prior note tonight: I do have access to yearly DeSoto brochures . Do you have those?


Loved this photo, DKing. :>)
I had a metal model of this vehicle, one of those dealer give-aways. Yellow, about 1/24 scale. Fun to see this model again.