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If you want to live longer then live in a house like this!?

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OK, now visualize the scene when Gramma and Grampa come to visit....


This is very cute & would be great fun to play in, & very "McDonald" as Catty says, but it seems ridiculously impractical to me. Science knows that our bodies require rest, & without it we get cranky, stressed out, & can develop various related illnesses. So a house without a rest area is a disaster waiting to happen. This is the sort of thing often designed by engineers with specific "noble" or "healthy" type views in mind, but without considering the effects & impracticalities of its long-term usage. Just my opinion, not trying to be a "wet blanket". I would love to have this as an awesome & healthy family play room!

this home is tooo McDonald!! a play ground.. a beach.. purple bath is a nice touch... so where do they sleep and pay bills?


I'll stick to my yoga LOL


Oops! In re-reading what I wrote, below, I saw that I spelled "piece" wrong. What I actually spelled is a contradiction in terms. I don't see "peace" in this house. :-)


Very interesting home, but I don't think it's for me! I get the idea of continuing to think of new improvements and also of having no true place to rest in order to keep more fit, but I guess that's the part that seems contrary to my nature! I want my home to be restful and peaceful and welcoming for others to come into it and feel comfortable and at home. This home above is like a museum peace to me. It makes an interesting puzzle, though! :-)


Interesting, Lindaisling. I've heard that before too -- that there's no reason the human body should die. Very interesting puzzle and ideas. Thanks!


The architects (who are pictured in the house) live in this house and they claim that research in Japan has shown that people who live in their houses live longer because they "never get comfortable". Their idea is that by living in a house like this a person must always be thinking about the next step and also has to use core muscles differently which keeps mind and body more healthy. They also believe that people don't have to die... I do think it looks like fun though.


You do have a point!

Maybe because it's a playground and I don't see any place to sit down, which is what I do too much of?


Why would you live longer?