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Any-Day Swirl

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I think she's asking me to do it just to cover all the bases, but doesn't really believe that sleep apnea is the cause of my headaches. So I don't feel that I'm short-changing the diagnosis by not doing it. Of course, I haven't seen her again to tell her......LOL!


Oh jeez, I don't blame you. I didn't have any sleep issues until a few years ago - as long as I was in my own bed. Now I rarely sleep through the night, but luckily the nights are never like last night. I'd have a lot of trouble with a sleep study as I need my own bed and the wires and such would be impossible. Hopefully your neurologist won't give you too much grief over it.


Ah, I see that senior moments are contagious! LOL! My new neurologist wants me to do a sleep study, where I have to be at their facility or hospital to spend the night. I won't even try, because I have trouble sleeping as it is, and in a new place, especially with wires or such, forget it! When we took the train to Notre Dame, a 17 hour or so trip, both back and forth was a complete night on the train, and I didn't sleep a single minute either way.


And now it's my turn to forget. I forgot to mention of course I remember our discussions regarding puzzles solves / Aja / etc. :))))


I thought you'd likely be attached to your television last night!

It's great if you make puzzles that hundreds of people like to solve, but you also have to be happy with what you are posting. Most of your puzzles do pretty well and those that don't seem to have their vocal admirers.

I'm late getting here today. I had a 24 hour blood pressure monitor that needed to be returned today and between waiting for buses and transferring to other buses, it was mid afternoon by the time I got back. To make matters worse, the damned thing was so annoying and tight, that I expect the readings will be totally useless :((( I hardly slept last night (the monitor kept waking me up and at one point it was very difficult to return to sleep), so I'm tired and grumpy, but will solve a few puzzles this evening. Maybe I'll give myself a long weekend at the end of the month!!


Oooooops! Forgot to say thanks, whatnauts!

In fact, I was busy watching the news last night, so I didn't go on the computer. I had made one swirl earlier, so that is all I have to post, and it will be on the other profile. See, swirls come first! LOL!


I prefer to post puzzles that I like myself, and that I think my friends will like, rather than ones that I think will do well. I've made a few of those hope-for-high-solve-rate ones along the way, when I was surprised by how well someone else's plain puzzle did compared to one of mine that was more "artful" (I bet you remember our discussions, about Aja and others!), and I was never glad I did--I always felt that I had let myself down by going for the numbers.... So, have no fear, there will be many swirls to come! :-)))


Well, it's certainly not the first time I really like a puzzle that doesn't do well. Thank you for continuing to make these for those of us who love them :)))))


I think it had been some time, and I'm glad I decided to go back to the combo of graduated colors and no lines, since you and others really seemed to like the result! Of course, the solves are abysmal, but I thought it was gorgeous myself, so the heck with the rest of Jigidi! :-)))))


Oh, this was great fun, PD. I believe it's been awhile since you've made one like this and I enjoyed it immensely :)))))


Ooooh, that's a nice color for a pool--mine is colored invisible (because it doesn't exist, unless we buy another small wading pool for the dogs!)....... I'm glad the swirl was better than the weather! :-)))


Hi pd, the outer ring is the color of my pool today, its cold and windy here so I can just look at it through the patio doors. :-( I love these colors, it was a very soothing solve, thank you.


I wish it were beach-weather around here, Amy! I'm glad you liked the colors--I went across the color chart, but in a very limited section, so it's sort of a 30 degree rainbow, not 180! :-DDD


What a beauty! Love the cool colors, makes me feel very relaxed and ready for a day at the beach. I gotta finish this puzzle before I head to the beach.