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....... and I work at the voluntary fire brigade

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I always look everywhere, with one eye, what happens.


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Sssstt (whisper) don't tell anybody, but I also think so.


I am convince that Micky is a person in a dog suit.


O yes she is Cathy, just say she has to pose and she does. Then you can make photos as much as you want.


I love this picture. Thank you Ank. She is very patient to pose like that for your picture.


Thanks Sis.


Great shot - nice model :-)))))


Thanks David Mimi and Patti. I'm glad you like my cutie. Today I have a collage of her. She had her haircut last Saterday. Micky is 10 years now and playing with other dogs is not favorite anymore. Sometimes when the other dog is as small as she is, she likes too. But not with bigger dogs. Patti I'm glad to see you playing around. I hope you don't feel too bad.


Ha! So cute! Thanks, Ank!


Ank she is adorable, wish she could play with Archie and Rudy!


Just as happy with a fire engine as with a tractor! Very cute, Micky. Thanks, Ank.


Hi gnt Ardy Sandy Suzie And Faye. Yep love that idea, in the firenen's calender. gnt welcome on my puzzles, Micky is my champ. Suzy she can do everything yes Sandy so sweet. Ardy (I don't want to brag, and we Dutch like to grumble) but it seems that the Dutch retirement plans are the best of the world. (true I may not grumble, my pension is very OK) and Micky has pension now too. The photos of the last days were all a few years old. Nowadays, she can walk if she want and when she is tired I carry her. Tomorrow I post a nice collage of her. She had a haircut yesterday.


This should definitely go in the firemen's calendar! Giggle... :D


GRIN!!!! What a super firedog you have there!!!


Awwww. She sure is a sweety.


My comment disappeared. I asked if there was no retirement plan in The Netherlands. Seems to me that Micky should have earned her pension by now. Or maybe you are showing how she earned it. Cute picture, Ank. Thanks.


Like this one with the old fire truck lol :)


She is ready for the Catwalk. Thanks girls.
Aunt Michelle I like that, can I rent you for an hour (or two).


Awwwww! Micky you are so talented! Obviously driving is more to your liking than boating... ear scritches and belly rubs to you this morning!


She is quite the little poser, isn't she? She looks adorable, Ank!


She is simply the BEST!! Thanks so very much Ank!!


Yes she is.


Cute cute cute...


Thanks girls. Denise I think she will like that but only when I'm coming with her. Because if she needs to go out she needs someone to carry her. Walk a bit, carry a bit. Aunt Denise I'm not that young anymore. Thanks Aunty Shirley, I am.


Micky you must come to me for a holiday, No work for 2 weeks:-) Thanks Ank , a lovely one


Mickey you are a clown, very cute I might add, Thank you Ank.


Good morning/night girls (Budgy, girl too?). Jana, fun. I am afraid she is too old now, but it was a great idea. Indeed she has many talents. It's so funny she pose just the way you want. Take a good look to the photo, with one eye she looks, do I going well?
Trudy Kathy and Budgy, sleep tight. Lorna and Jana, have a great day.


Hallo Ank, Mickey is a great girl. Are you considering to buy for her also Formula 1? She could compete with the Schummacher. :-))


only just enough room for him/her looking at the size of that hook and ladder.
cute to the inth.


You need to give her extra treats for all the work you are making her do......


She is such a darling! Is there no end to her talents?


Micky is so cute! I was looking for your puzzles... I've bookmarked them so I can go to bed now :-)

Good night, my friend!