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Central Ohio this afternoon / 01/22/2013

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Oh Fran I am so glad you like this. It worth every penny to see someone else enjoy them as much as me...


Ouch! Definitely no mowing, even with a riding mower.
...The talking ones are hilarious. I've purposely used the two U.K. female voices. One has a softer voice but the other's French pronunciation is better. (Did I ever mention to you that French is my mother tongue? So I'm able to be picky when listening to that language.)
...Can't thank you enough for thinking of me.
...Have a neighbour who is Italian - shall have to do one with a splattering of Italian for her. I'll ask her about the pronunciation afterwards. :)


Fran I'm so glad you accepted that. I just knew you would have fun. I never did anything like that but will have to try... That land is mine and it is figured in the property taxes. But I look at ot this way I don't have to mow there. It is a strip about 8 feet deep by about 500 feet long.


Pat, forgot to say I've been doing talking ecards - three so far during the last few days!!
A ewe, a dog and a cat!

Was curious about foreign languages so introduced some French and Spanish to one card. Depending upon whose voice was chosen, the pronunciation actually changed. In fact, I've learned that by phonetically spelling the word, I can actually get the correct pronunciation! Then I discovered the adding of a few dots '...' after a sentence or word gives me a pause. It marvelous. Sorry, am sure you've played around too.

Also did one with a splattering in Welsh. Cannot tell about the pronunciation on that one!

Having fun :) :)


And another plus is the fact you don't have to pay additional property taxes in order to acquire that natural privacy fence - that land being the farmer's responsibility. :)


Fran I really do. There is about six acres directly behind our house before you get to the tree line. But we are at the end of the old property line of that field so it is in a angle.. That is why we have our wildlife area along the old fence line.. That is where the farmer never plowed.... My hubby calls it our natural privacy fence...


Pat, you have a good, restful view. Lovely.
BTW, it's -11ºF at moment. Brrrrrr.


Thanks Sissy I knew you would like this one... It is looking southeast out my back door. It might be more south than east.


A beauty Pat.


Thank you Starlord ... Thought you would like it....


That's a great panorama :-)


It has been that way all afternoon today.. The first time for a long time.. I live in the country so I can get some beautiful skies.. How far do you live from Dale Hollow.. It is such a beautiful lake....


Beutiful sky Pat.Wasn't that pretty here today.We started out with blue skys and then this afternoon it just got overcast.More rain comming I think.


No Ardy I was going to pull one off facebook but she had taken all the cute one down. You know how these girls are.. She probably got mad at her hubby..


Oh, I thought that a reply you made on one of the other pictures meant you had the picture and were waiting for a posting time. Hope she and you have had a good day.


Ardy I couldn't find a good picture and I was able to take this one so I knew you would understand....


Pat, this sky is beautiful and you know I love the panoramic photos but I was looking for a birthday girl picture. I thought that was what you were waiting to post when a time slot opened. I do love this one. Thanks, Pat. Stay warm.


Thanks fodus welcome to the bunch.. were are just a little crazy at times...
Thanks Jim I too this just after noon today....


Nice one, Pat!


I fit in with this bunch of puzzle solvers.