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Cherry Trees, Japan

30 pieces
324 solves
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Hi jim, Gracie, Monica and Celeste - I've been offline for a couple of days and have noticed that you've all passed by with comments whilst I've been away! Thank you so much as I do appreciate lovely comments from all of my beautiful jigidi friends. I now know more about you than I did when I last posted my puzzles, jim and Monica. My favorites list (which is growing longer and longer daily!!) Thanks once again. LOL


Beautiful Chookies :)


I love Japan, always wanted to go there! Who knows, maybe some day we'll travel to faraway places like this! It's very beautiful chookies, thanks so much again!


Wow! you really did it this time chookies! one of your best!


Thanks chookies. Would have liked to have visited Australia when I was younger. This jigidi is pretty cool, Wonder if the creators ever dreamed that people from all,over the world would be chatting on their puzzle site. One of my other favorite favorites is jiggybelle who is from Oregon. I was born in Nebraska, grew up in South Dakota, Joined the Navy (submarines) and have ended up in Georgia for the last chapters. Have a reat day.


Actually Jim, if you look below your comment you'll find robryan - she's an aussie, Robbos is another and so is shirley68.


Hi Jim, ha,ha, yes it's 12.30pm in Australia as I speak, so obviously you're not an aussie! I guess you're an American like most of the jigidi players. There's not too many of us aussies on this site!!


Wow, doesn't even look real, looks like a very detailed miniature that some artists are so talented at. Where do you live chookies? When I called you up as a favorite jigidi said you last logged on 2/22. I'm still three hours away from 2/22.


Absolutely gorgeous chookie - thanks.


I'm so glad you enjoyed this picture, it truly is beautiful, right? Thanks for stopping by FreyaVale, punkin, chickie and cevas:)


Oh my goodness! That is wonderful. Thank you Chookies!


Boy, you found some real beautys today chookies!


So very beautiful!


Beautiful. I have been to Japan but only in November and even then there were lovely gardens and flowers.


Those cherry trees are exquisite, right? Thanks franneke, Sheriff Robbos and tex:)


Beaut-y-mous! Thanks, Chooks.


Very nice scenery, thanks Chookies:)

Where else would you find a scene like that but Japan? Lovely. Thankyou.