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Mandy, Pat, and whatnauts, I remember really liking this one at the time I created it which was months ago, but then when I looked at it at posting time, I didn't like it at all. But I put it in reserve just in case I changed my mind at a later date. Just don't come back to look at this one because you might be like me and decide that you don't like it either. LOL


Your starburst flowers are great. Thanks much :))))


I loved this one--the starbursts overlap and blend into the background (which looks like starbursts that had exploded just before the front ones--the way fireworks sent up one after the other burst against the previous ones and interlace with them!)--super!!! :-)))


I love the variety of colours in this, thanks Wendy


Mariasha, this is one I made a fairly long time ago........and never felt like posting it. So this is your lucky day because I changed my mind. LOL It's nice seeing you at the tippy top right now. :-)

I love stars...and so this puzzle was right up my alley...thanks Wendy.