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100 - 44 Halloween

49 pieces
100 solves
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Wendy, I posted a puzzle on Nov. 3rd I made from a digital art I did a while back titled "1 2 3 Hexagon Street."


Awesome Wendy! You did well to pick out so many correctly. And actually I did make "Color Patches with Circles" but the idea of it was really taken from art I saw on the internet so I didn't count it. I think it's really neat that you liked "Red Bell Pepper." It's one of my favorite collages. I have a big folder of my art that I have created digitally or scanned, but I'm shy about posting too much of my art, and, like I said, some of my art that I have posted has been deleted by the system.
I am so happy to have you and others as fans of my puzzles because y'alls comments really make me feel like making more puzzles for you all. Then it is a labor of love


It was fun, Grace! I just went through all your puzzles without looking at the titles....until after I picked the ones I thought were yours.
I missed two- A digital collage I made in 2001, and Blue Bowl
And I thought one was one that you created but it's not on your list- Color Patches with Circles

My favorite is Red Bell Pepper: collage by Grace
And then others I loved are Fiesta, Kinda Sorta, and ZigZag with Dots

Ohhhh, you should create more of your own along with the ones you create now. ;-)

And it's my pleasure being one of your fans now. :-)


That seems like fun! Hopefully none that I have listed will be disappearing soon. The puzzle elimination process, though described as a process based on how long it's been since a puzzle was selected to complete, seems random and arbitrary to me. Maybe someday I'll repost some that have vanished. Wendy, thanks for being such a good fan of my puzzles


graciepie, I left you a response here and I can't understand why it's no longer here unless I posted it on another puzzle too. I had said that I'm going to have fun with a puzzle/game for myself and try to figure out which ones you started from scratch, and then as I guess one, look at your list. :-)
I probably won't get around to it for a few days, but I'm definitely going to. :-)


Wendy, shucks {blushing}, thanks very much :-)) Here's a list of the puzzles that are my art. I had more but they have disappearred, as some puzzles do sometimes.
In and Out, Up From the Depths, Triangle Field, Blending In, Love of Color, Grace's Doodle Alphabet, Fiesta, Circle Square Triangle, Flower Like Mandala by Grace, A digital collage I made in 2001, Quilted Diamond (reverse) by Grace, Grid Design 1 small, Blue Bowl, MagicMarkerApp2, My first quilling piece, 2nd Quilling Project, Puzzle One, Kinda Sorta, ZigZag with Dots, Paintbrush Doodles

Alpha ATC Cards, Color Pyramids, Flower Like Mandala by Grace, Red Bell Pepper: collage by Grace, Focus


graciepie, I left you another comment. And all I can say now is that you are incredibly talented. I'm coming back to visit within the next few days. You're pretty amazing!


Thanks Wendy! I'm very glad you likr my Halloween puzzle :)
I'll just go to my bookmarked>completed puzzles and find the one of yours that has your comment to me - thank you!


graciepie, I hope you remember what puzzle of mine you left a comment on. I left you a reply. :-)
And while I'm here, I'll just say that this is a FABULOUS Halloween puzzle. :-)


You're welcome anther :)


Great puzzle for halloweeners. Thanks graciepie.