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Shelved Patterned Pillows--LARGE (for GAIL)

256 pieces
406 solves
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Gail, that is so funny re. 8 children. I know what you mean! I met someone recently who had triplets (now 2 years old), and I thought to myself, "I'd never want to go through that!" I'm glad iyours are cats, although I'm so sorry 2 are no longer. Don't change your name; you may find 2 more who need your loving care. Are they strictly indoor cats? The previous owner of my house had five indoor cats, and I was concerned the house might smell bad, but not a whiff of catness did I detect. Now the previous house had a strange cat lover as a tenant, and I don't believe she knew what a litterbox was. We had to scour, bleach, and use sealant to refinish the floors and baseboards. The tub was dedicated to their bowel movements. So, that's the good and the bad I've had the fun to experience.

Actually, I've had two lovely cats in my lifetime, but now I'm not able to take care of pets. I had to give my beloved dog away after I was widowed, and that just about killed me, losing two loved ones. So enjoy your sextuplets each and every day. I'm sure they are precious.

Thanks for the nice reply and for answering my curious question, my friend. Take care.

p.s. Also, thanks for letting me know about deleting puzzles. If one only gets single digit hits after a week, and I'm not that fond of the puzzle, I hate leaving it as a reminder. I still have it on my hard drive, so I can learn from my earlier work. Why continue broadcasting it to the world? Enough of that.


Sorry, Judy, I just came across this and realized you had a question. Most of the time, when I solve a puzzle and it goes into my completed puzzle bookmarks, I never look back on it. I saw this one because I liked it so much I removed it from completed puzzles to unfinished ones because I want to solve it again down the road.

Octomom is because I used to have eight cats. Now I have only six because two died in the last couple of years. If I had eight kids, I'd think I'd kill myself! I may need to change my name to Hexamomma...

I echo what everyone else is saying about removing puzzles. You're new, but sometime down the road, someone will do an old puzzle of yours and thank you for it. A lot of times when new people join Jigidi and find a puzzler they like, they'll go through all their puzzles. That's happened to me and I've done it to others. I have around 40 pages of bookmarks, some I'll obviously never get to, and some I will. It's always fun to find an old puzzle and solve it. In the "olden days" of Jigidi, if a person removed a puzzle and it was still in your bookmarks, if you clicked to solve it you'd get a message saying the puzzle didn't exist. I think now it simply disappears from your bookmarks.


My xmas avatar is actually a stocking, but I had to cut off the bottom part or the writing would have been too small. I'm going to post the whole thing next week as a public post - I'll try to remember to let you know.

It sounds like you aren't familiar with my avatar - Peanut. Peanut is one of the puppets which ventriloquist Jeff Dunham uses. This stocking is for sale on his website. I was trying to find a picture of Peanut with a xmas cap, but this is the best I could find.


Wascally, I may have accidentally posted a puzzle twice and took awhile to realize it. Perhaps it was one you bookmarked?


Whatnauts, I will obey, and I appreciate you also for looking out for me. Let me know if ever I can post a puzzle in a size not already posted, even if it is for bookmarking for later. It is always good to hear from you I really like your new picture. How do you do that? Are you in a costume, or is it a picture of someone you know? It's great!


Wascally, I think I've only removed 2 very unpopular puzzles, where the number of solves was miniscule and generated no interest. Neither were ones I was particularly liked myself. Did you notice one missing? I really appreciate the suggestion, and I will not do that again. I'm new at posting large 250+ puzzles, and I was told people won't do them if there is too much monochrome area involved. My most recent puzzle falls into that, so I didn't post it in the large size. Please let me know if you want it, and I will post it in that size. If you can describe the puzzle that went missing, if one did, I'll put it back up. I never remove one that has at least moderate activity.

Actually, I'm flattered you asked me not to remove any, so thank you both for the advice and for the compliment. It is nice meeting you. Don't hesitate to give me pointers when (not if) needed. Thanks.


I second w84's comment. Except sometimes it's months before I get to some puzzles. Please don't remove any Judy.


Hey Jude, I'm going to be rude and butt in here (sorry) but I'd like to suggest that you please don't pull your puzzles because I am one of the people that has a bulging bookmark file and can be weeks behind solving and would hate to see the puzzles I've marked disappear before I could get to them. I just solved your smaller one of this and would love to solve this one too but it might be a few more weeks before I can get to it.

btw.... I thought the same as you "Octomom" when I first started...... it's cats not kids LOL

thanks, "wait for it silly wabbit" aka Wascally


Thanks so much. I get what you are saying and will just post in several sizes. I've pulled a few when they remained extremely low in number, but it seems like a guessing game trying to predict what will generate real interest. Some of what I considered mediocre but posted anyway became very popular. Can't be thin skinned when you take the plunge and post your work. I'm having a ball, even though I do have flops. The people here are great and the other creators provide a feast for an avid puzzler. You take care, my friend, and I hope we have opportunity to chat again. I still was wondering why the name octomom? Do you have eight children?


Judy, please post whatever it is you want to post in whatever size you like. I try to post what I think people will like, but ultimately it's up to them to either like it or not! The puzzles I solve tend to generate a larger number of solves than the ones I post, so I try not to worry about it too much. Thanks.


Gail, ignore my questions. I saw your response after I signed in again under my other username. I will take a look at what you seem to like, but I may post some of the ones I hope members will like. Let me know if you see one that isn't in your size. I aim to please! You have been really nice and patient with me. Thanks.


Oh, Gail, I'm glad you saw it. Now will you answer my question? Should I regularly post this size or wait to hear from you as to whether you think it will attract people? I'm still new in some respects, not knowing what is acceptable.


This was a wonderful puzzle. The composition was nicely thought out, and I liked the depth of each tile. Thanks, Judy. (24 minutes)


Hi Judy, I just noticed your other comment on my puzzle. Since I only look at Favorites, I didn't know this profile existed. It's now been added to my Favorites. I'm so glad you told me about it. I would have been ignorant about it forever. Now I have a puzzle to work tonight! Thanks so much.


Leet, I'm so glad you enjoyed this puzzle. I've seen your comments on some of my other puzzles and wanted to know if I could know your name. If not, that's okay. It just feels more personal when I thank you, because I really appreciate that you leave encouraging feedback.


Norkor, Hope you see this. I just created this username and forget to look for comments. I really do appreciate feedback, and thank you very much for letting me know you enjoyed the puzzle.

Each section is very attractive and the whole is excellent. thank you.

fun to do puzzle, thanks