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Theme: Home - Much Changed House I Lived in as a Kid.

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Thanks Suzy, glad to share.


So lucky you were to have such a place to grow up in! Thanks for sharing the picture and the stories-especially the mountain lion one!!


Thanks, good friends, for all your comments. Yes, yes, this was a very humble but wonderful place to live. We had no worry of harm as city kids do today. The rule was that when our chores were done we could go anywhere in the fields, woods, brook or river as long as we were home for dinner. Because of the steep hill we always knew how to get home - just go down hill. One of the thrills of my life was seeing a mountain lion sitting on a large boulder in a clearing in the woods within sight of the house and lawn where I was.


Great picture and ayah, this is definitely VT!!! Is that a dirt road by the house?
I can see wires & pole leading back. The people living there now sure have a lot of ''dishes''!! Thanks for sharing Cheryl. :)))))
(TIme, 4:52)


I can picture you roaming the fields and woods, Cheryl. Thank you for sharing.


What a great place to grow up! Thanks, Cheryl!


Oh, it's very interesting, Cheryl!! Certainly you are right about the possibilities for a kid here!! And you needed them so much!! Thanks!


Our road was the same, narrow but it was gravel part of the way. We had a huge front lawn with giant oak trees. Now there is a 6 line truck route in front of the house with barely a front yard at all.


I currently live two town away on this same road. When I was a kid this was a very narrow, dirt road. The house had a large covered porch across the entire front of the house. There were two large maple trees and lawn between the porch and the road. The house windows were the larger size seen here. In addition to the barn seen here, there was a milk house, a corn barn, rabbit hutch, a chicken coop, two large gardens and cultivated fields which are now gone. There is a brook, the Ompompanoosuc River across the road, a wooded hill just out of sight to the right of this photo. A wonderful place to explore as a kid.