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Cooper's Hawk

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This guy was in my back yard today (Feb 19) and he was way too near the bird feeders. I think he was hoping for a little morning snack.


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This is an impressive bird - I love his tail. I guess they have to eat too, but it's a shame they have to take other birds and, as you say, just stick to mice, rats and snakes. I once witnessed a sparrow hawk nearly take a little blue tit on the wing - was thankful he didn't get it. This is a fantastic shot.


Yes, they can do lots of damage. They go into bird nests and eat the babies. I wish they'd just stick to mice, rats and snakes.
Thanks for commenting roseheather, Maryrob and Cel.


Wow what an awesome visitor LJ
Great shot!!


It's a beauty,thanks Laurajane.


Looking through puzzles a bit ago I saw two pictures that petslave has posted of the hawk that was in her yard this morning. Seems to be the day for hawk visitors! ; )


They can do a lot of damage.


I live across the steet from a cornfield and they like to come in after the corn coems down in the fall. It's out and out war!


Good idea, laura! The bird seed is usually what brings them in!


PG...Cooper wanted him back, but I told him that since he ate half my birds, I now own him, by default.

Morris...yes, he is welcome to eat the mice I am trying to get rid of in my garage. I improved matters by moving the birdseed outside, in metal garbage bins.

Thank you very much, warbler, Robyn and Patti!

Roseheather...they know exactly when you go to get the camera. That's when they leave.


Did you give Cooper back his hawkLJ? It is not nice to keep other people's hawks.


Have to train him to eat rodents, laura!


Very nice, Laura, vary nice!


Good catch with the camera Laura - Thanks!!


Wow! Wonderful shot! Thank you!!!


Laurajane, I know that one isn't real clear, but we were lucky to get that picture, it flew before my husband could get another shot at it (with the camera). When it was on the fence, late yesterday afternoon, the light was too low to try for a photo then. Today it landed on a branch of our Norway Spruce, and first sat with its back to us, and had the same stripes on the tail. Then it turned around and faced us. Unfortunately when I got the camera it then departed. Size makes me think it is a Cooper's Hawk. I wasn't sure with the picture I made into a puzzle, but on the fence it looked huge, and on the branch today it is definitely a BIG bird.


Yes, this fella has had his share of doves. He also snacks on finches. The slow ones.
Thank you, snooker and lyndee.
Dondi, I thought Roseheather's hawk might be a Cooper's, but wasn't sure. You could write a song about a Sharp Shinned in a pear tree. Cute!


Hope he didn't get his morning snack laura. The cooper hawks have pretty much eliminated our dove population. did get a great picture!


I think roseheather's is indeed a Coopers Hawk - the breast pattern, tail bars and size match. A few Christmases ago, we had what I think is a Sharp-Shinned Hawk (not clear how you tell the difference other than size) at our feeder; (s)he ate three house sparrows, then departed. I'll post a couple of the pictures. Ironically, although its back was to me at the time, it perched in our pear tree while deciding whether it wanted another bird (a sick sparrow at the bird feeder), resulting in, on Christmas Eve, "a Sharp-Shin in a pear tree."

Great photo, lj. Thanks.


He was in a small tree, only about 8 feet off the ground right there along my property line. I guess I looked out the window at just the right time! Thank you very much, Tex.

Roseheather, I looked at your photo, but can't really tell if it's a Cooper's or not. Can you try for a clearer shot of him?


Laurajane, I don't know how you got such a great shot, have you been into Chickie's glue? Great capture. Thanks.


Yoo hoo,'s laurajane! But I understand. Thanks!


very nice photo janaz... great set


Great picture!

We have had a hawk visitor to our bird feeding area for about three years now.

Yesterday one landed on the top of the fence facing way from our feeder but gave us a good look at the size. We think ours was a Cooper's hawk also. Earlier this winter we captured a picture of a hawk in the weigelia bush behind our feeder. see: Yesterday it sat on the top of the green fence seen in this puzzle.


No, oddio, no bird seed. Just birds. I have little patches of feathers in my back yard where he or maybe the red tailed hawk came to eat. Goldfinches and mourning doves, by the looks of it.


And I take it his snack did not include the bird seed in the feeders?!