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Darkness Slowly Coming at My Ponderosa

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Yup, Payton's Place!

So this is Payton's Place?!!


Oh yes, I have several trees that shed leaves and several more next door. We get lots of "frisky" windstorms here, in the fall, if things are blowing in the right direction the leaves all disappear in the direction of the wind! :))))


Love the mums Carol! Your entrance is so you not have trees that shed leaves and makes everything all messy?? My leaves have my yard unkept, and no way I'll rake til they've all fallen...a waste of time to rake over and over!


Never thought of that........but, maybe a good thing? I LOVE parties but over 1,000 is more than I can seat! Let's see 4 table chairs, 4 lawn chairs, 4 occasional chairs, 6 card table chairs, 4 assorted hostess chairs......I am only............978 short??? :(


A lovely entrance, Carol . . . but I notice you didn't show your street number so that we wouldn't all descend on you!