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TILE 1143 (smaller version available-see comments box)

81 pieces
100 solves
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That was me at 11 1/2 months.


Thanks for the comments PJ . . . I have responded on the smaller version . . . :D)


Thank you Ardy . . . I had a feeling that the 'pinkle' one would be right up your street . . . :D)
Blue cat heads? Hmm didn't see them . . . now blue skulls . . . that's what I saw . . . lol
Love the new profile picture . . . is it you as a wee'un?


Thanks for the small size.


Thank you, Su,for the little touch of pink in this one. It goes so well with green and blue. 1142 - I didn't find blue cat heads so scary but the black spiders - EEEEKK. Thanks for the warning. 1141 - Love the purple center flower with the blue faces around it with their tiny dark eyes. The pink lights between the faces throw some very beautiful shadows. 1140 - Love the pinkle (pink-purple) swirl. It's beautiful. My favorite tonight along with 1141. Thanks, Su. Extra nice tonight. Have a good sleep, my friend, warmed hugs (((HUGS)))


Blue and green for Hester and Lesley with a hint of pink for Ardy . . . :D)

A smaller, 49 piece version of this puzzle is available on