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PJ's Special Request #28 A Deflating Ball

49 pieces
108 solves
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This was an 'early' puzzle of mine that I had made for Advia after she requested a deflated ball. I think she thought a deflated one would be easier to catch.


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LOL! Mandy, it just figures. ;-)


There's life in this ball yet... and I love it, thanks Wendy :~)


PJ, occasionally Mr. Bugosi does show that he has a caring heart.

Mr. Bugosi, sometimes it's best to let nature take its course. However, if it weren't for PJ's insistence that the ball perish, I'd probably intervene. PJ has a cruel streak and I'm allowing it. Shrugging shoulders.*

*LOL, I love you, PJ!


I thought maybe, possibly I could give it the kiss of life, but I see that any efforts of revival would be spurned.......perhaps, maybe, under the circumstances, it is best to let nature take its course.....


Thank you Wendy for your generosity in keeping this delightfully deflated darling.
And I see Mr. Bugosi's good intention of saving the ball.
Wendy, your comments are so enjoyable.


Mr. Bugosi, I appreciate your offer but seeing as how PJ wants to keep the deflating ball deflating, I can't disappoint her. But really, I do thank you for thinking of the ball's survival.


No - Please Wendy, keep it as is. I love this puzzle, the framing is excellent and stylish, the deflated 'thing' is so cute and colorful, and I love that little 'timid' swirl.


Would you like to borrow my bicycle pump?.........