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Tapestry Cushion - Delphiniums

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I enjoyed stitching this tapestry cushion front designed by Julia A'Court for Primavera, which I won in a competition years ago. I intended to make it into a cushion for my bedroom as it's blue, but as usual haven't got round to it yet!


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Yes, I will take care. Thank you jasonchung.


Take your time Niccolino and enjoy your work of art. Do remember to take good care of your eyes as they tend to get tired with such projects.


You are very welcome, jasonchung. Yes, I was pleased to win! I haven't done any tapestry yet this year but have a seat cover I must finish.


Congratulations on winning the competition, Niccolino. It is good that your talents are recognised. You are gifted. Thank you for sharing.


Thanks Ardy - Glad you like it.
Thanks Janine - I love blue too - it's the colour of my bedroom as it's such a peaceful colour!

Niccolino, you do such lovely work. Thank you for sharing all of your talent with us.
I love delphiniums and anything blue......Janine.


One of a very few truly blue flowers. Thanks, Nicky. It's beautiful work.


Thanks Sue.


Thank you Sue, Niccolino and I share the same passion for "peedlenoint" as you call it.


Wow, threadyourneedle, I'm impressed with your wonderful talent. I've done a few needlepoints in my time too. I once twisted my tongue on that word and came out with 'peedlenoint'! It kinda stuck and now I refer to all stitching that way! I'll have to photograph a few of my artistic endeavours to share. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed solving this one.


Thanks, threadyourneedle, that's a good idea! I've looked at your puzzles of your work and they are gorgeous too - a few too many pieces for me to manage, but I enjoy viewing them all the same!


Hi Nicccolino, do you want to borow mine? It's made up into a cushion and is on the downstairs bed. It was fun to do!