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So glad you liked this one, Willy... I'm almost done with your 'geo colors II'... Really enjoying it... We went to a Labor Day block party today... Had some good food and caught up with what's been happening with all our neighbors... Nice holiday.... Thank you and take care.... :) :))))))


Great looking puzzle Sally, I wait for the next one, thank you alot,
Willy. :-)))))

warbler Take a look


A color feast if I've ever seen one! This new technique results in an almost neon effect. I think you are like me; you want to push these programs beyond their intended limits to see what they can do! Hmmm, down under you wake up to parrots; in California it is chickens. Remarkable, dear one!


Thanks, Pumpkin... Just a song at twilight.... A peaceful time of the day.... :) :))))

Thank you, MommaCat... This is a fun technique using gradients to add a different color effect... I'm glad you liked the colors and the 3D.... :) :))))

Thank you, Shirley... See what you and Francine started... Good fun to play with.... :) :))))

Thanks, Snooker... Sometimes our Suzy is pretty profound.... :) :) :))

I agree, Edie... If this was a real sky, we might want to duck for cover... I saw green sky in Minnesota once and was told we were in for it.... And we were... Glad you had fun with this.... :) :) :)))

Thank you, wilddog... :) :)))

Thanks, whatnauts, this is a fun technique... Hope all is well with you.... :) :))))


This is a lovely technique. Thanks for sharing, SMor!! (1:26)


Beautiful puzzle.


Beautiful as a puzzle, not sure what I'd be thinking if I witnessed it in real. I'd be sure that something was a brewing somewhere. LOL, thanks Sally, pretty to look at and fun to solve :-))

The colors are great - does look like what Suzy said. :)


Really beautiful, Sally, Thank you so much mate :):)

Wow! I loved the colors and the 3D effect at the finish. Very unique. Thanks.


Wonderful transformation to twilight. Thanks Sally, for the colors of the evening. Well done!


Thanks, Francine... As you know these are so much fun to play around with.... Thanks for letting me know you liked it.... :) :))))


Awww, Mimi... I didn't paint it, but I did take the underlying photo... In Australia on the way to the Cape Leeuwin light house where the Southern and Indian oceans come together.... I Added the boat and the birds just for fun.... Thanks for the lovely comment.... :) :))))))


Thank you, Patti and you're welcome..... :) :)))


This is great. Thanks, Sally.


Wow, this is terrific. You are quiet an artist my RS! :)))


Love it! Thank you Sally!