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Our Bradley in Costume as Motor Mutt - He had fun!!

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I'm so happy he is looking well cakes. Such a beautiful dog!


That's what I was making up and dropped a whole slice and she gobbled up like lightening!!! LOL Funny what some animals will eat. My siamese ate
grapes. Animals are so interesting. :))))


Too cute Joyce! My old dog, Ebony, loved onion rings.


No, but he gets his treats. LOL We had a collie who loved chocolates. She ate a whole box of them and left the little brown paper cups intact in the box!!! She also loved raw onions. :)))


Hope he got lots of candy (not chocolate, of course)!


He really loved it Lela. He pranced around the neighborhood getting so much he really needs more of that. LOL Bradley smiles inside. :))))


HEE-HEE!........You sure he had fun cakes?.......I s'pose once he got on the road with his Harley he was happy!......(of course he's not one for smiling a lot is he!)........