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Yes, even if he wanted to climb up there by himself, I think he probably needed a little assist!


This looks like a Norwegian Forest Cat or a Siberian. They are big cats and they have the thickest winter coat. They love to be outside in the cold. Other than that, I have no explanation for this. I do agree that someone put him up there. He couldn't climb by himself. He's too heavy. The snowman would have lost parts in the process.

Okay, that makes sense...Sherry :)))


They have a 2nd photo of this cat climbing up on the snowman. He appears to be after the scarf blowing around. Perhaps they used his favorite toy for the snowman's tie!

Yes, youngone...Sherry :)))

You know, here I go again, my cats wouldn't put up with much if they didn't want to do something. And they were big and powerful. If I had tried to one of them up there, they would have jumped off right away. I've just seen a cat poop standing up leaning against the toilet, never in a million years, look under youngone (I'll check name in a second and come back if wrong). this is amazing to me. I had my babies for 15 and 16 years...and I've known a few other cats, I mean, just never, and this too amazes me. Cats like to be warm, why on earth is he perched up there. Jigidi is giving me an education I never thought would have been available about things I never thought were possible. I must be living such a strangely mundane life and my cats were namby pamby, ordinary cats who went about their business in such ordinary ways. The most spectacular thing they did was not run away from the house when they got outside (except for one night each and we thought we had lost them) so we could keep them safe. I'm at a loss, although this cat's coat is long so he must be pretty warm, but good grief, it's a frozen snowman and there's barely any perching must be must be me....Sherry :)))


I wonder if he's snuggling or just trying to not fall. I bet someone set him there, Sherry.

cat is snuggling into a very cold snowman, unusual???...enticed with aromas??...Sherry :)))