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Tears For The Innocent Blood Shed In Boston

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All my thoughts and hopes for you all at this terrible time...


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I'm so sorry that I misunderstood you, loba! I understand better now, and I agree with you. And, again, I am so sorry for you and for what happened to your son--if I think about that happening to one of my own children , I know that I would go through all the same range of emotions, including wanting to get a gun...... Thank you for coming back to explain, again, especially since it must have been so painful for you to write about this. I wish you well, too, and a gradual healing of a pain that will never really be gone, as long as you are alive to remember your son with love......

Thank you, Jan. I wish we didn't need to post these puzzles at all, let alone as often as we seem to......


I completely support all of you who are mourning. Acts of violence anywhere or in any way are terrible things. I mourn that the world is unable to come to grips with acting in peaceful ways. Nearly every country of the world has seen this type of violence and it is shameful! That's all I want to say.
Thank you to those who gave us a form to express our grief.....yet again!

This is what can happen if you write in a language that is not your first ... it can be hard to say Things write.
First ... I didn't comment on you .. but I felt very emotionel and couldn't face a direct confrontation .. but actually I was thinking about Laura.
I think I was trying to say that different people reacts in different ways... when you Loose a loved one you can isolate your self... be affraid .. be angry... feel guilty... the emotions are so different from person to person and in some way I felt that Laura wanted all of us to react en a certain way (maybe I got it wrong)...
What I want to Express is that you can take one way or another ... there is no right and wrong. In our Family we have all the reactions .. and me my self had first a hard time understanding ... woke up in the middle of the night hearing Jonathan getting home ... and of course Deep Deep sorrow... I have had a hard time letting my youngest go out ... always affraid something would happen... I have had plans getting a gun a trying to get close to the man when he was at the trial.. taking his life as he took Jonathans... So angry at the World...
I'm trying to describe that, when you Loose, you have alle the emotions and not only one or another ... and no one can attack anyone for any feeling.
And this writing is also a part of it ... I would never dare to Express myself here if I didn't had a feeling of kindness and humanity from you Pat. Only my intuition - but good enogh for me...
All the best wishes for you all...


Thanks, pinknblack and Rosie. I can never seem to stop myself from answering a comment that I find upsetting or unfair. I always write at length, and in what I think of as a reasonable and calm and fair way. But there are a number of people on Jigidi who accuse me of ranting and stirring up trouble...... I'm never sure which reaction I'll get--thanks or condemnation. I'm relieved that most of the people who read what I wrote, thought that what I said was acceptable.

I think that there are true friendships made on Jigidi, and that we do find out a great deal about each other, and share many very personal details and stories. I know that I have never had as many friends in my life as I do now, and I'm really, truly grateful for all of you!!! And the positive comments I receive on my puzzles have done wonders for my self-esteem and happiness! Thanks so much!!!!!


Pat, I had to come back and say thank you for what you wrote below. Laura's attack on me really added to the pain I felt after Boston and the fact that she seems so full of anger made me feel deep pity for her and the way she's chosen to isolate herself from the world around her. I thought my prayers for her might help but not if she only resents them. And, I resented the way she condemned anyone on this site who believes we can just be friends in a virtual world. I read many of the comments on many different puzzles and have witnessed friendships between people here that are wonderful. So I'm very grateful for all of the people on Jigidi that I've been privileged to exchange banter and/or ideas with and like to think of them as good and honest people. Again thank you and a huge thank you for all of the wonderful puzzles you make and post. You have afforded me with countless hours of fun puzzle solving----those darn mosaics and the gorgeous "flies". Rosie


Thanks, Pat!


I'm sorry for your loss, loba, and I certainly remember that horrible mass murder on the island. And I'm sorry you think that I judged someone. I was reacting to a person who seemed to feel, from the words she used, that the people who were killed or injured at the marathon were somehow responsible for what happened to them, because they didn't avoid the situation in the first place. If you read the description of the 2 tragedies she endured, they were a friend murdered many years ago, and a car accident that disabled her husband, also some years ago. I don't understand how that means that people who go to crowded places, or who go to movies or take planes, none of which had any relation to her own tragedies, are foolish for taking that "risk", and therefore partly culpable for any harm that they meet. I'm sure that she still feels grief at what happened to her, but she is demanding that ALL people isolate themselves, and saying that they are stupid if they don't; if they go to things like big races or movies or famous buildings or just about anything that has an act of violence associated with it, they are deliberately courting danger. I think she was the one judging people, and claiming that anyone who didn't take all the extreme precautions that she does is practically deserving of any harm they come to.

You say that if I had lost a child that way, I would understand, but the parents of the children murdered at their school in Newtown did come to the race, because it was dedicated to them. So they didn't feel that their pain was a reason to stay away. I didn't judge them for coming--I was proud of their defiance and resolve. But they were among the people that she judged, it seems to me.

As a big fan of your puzzles Pat, I look to this website almost every day, but today I was wondering what is going on... I´m from Denmark and in Scandinavia we are proud to say that we live in a very peacefull part of the World. Anyway a few years ago a man (mean, crazy or a terrorist - I really don't care) went to a youth camp on a small Island and shot Down too many Young students. The kids couldn´t get of the Island and he took them Down one by one. This made no sence .. like Boston or any other place where tragedy strikes.... it´s impossible to understand why anyone can take innosence lives...
Feeling judged or misunderstood seems to me like someone have the wrong focus... If you had lost a child in a shooting or bombing ... seen this child life end when it was just about to blossom ... then you would understand.. If you for a periode isolate yourself and get affraid ... it's natural.. it's human. At some point you think that the pain will never disappear.
Sorry had to say this ... and sorry for my english
The mother of 3 sons ... 2 still alive


Thanks, everyone.


Thank you Pat. I checked this before I went to do errands this morning and could not believe what happened from our just trying to show support for the victims of this tragedy. I felt the same way, that if we stop living our lives, "they" win. We need to live each day to its fullest. Thank you all.


Well said Pat and Rosie.


Again, thanks for speaking out, PD. You express a different view with clarity that I appreciate.


Thanks so much, dqmoskal, Suzy, and Rosie. I'm sorry that you were subjected to such upsetting tirades on a day that was already so brutal and heart-breaking.


This is a copy of what I just posted on dqmoskal's puzzle:

Laura, you posted the same comment on my Boston puzzle about people not really knowing people on Jigidi. You chastised Rosie for daring to think she knew anything about you, when she was merely commenting on the way you presented yourself in your tirade. I'm glad I came back to this puzzle, because I saw another comment of yours, the one with the paragraph that starts: "I dare say that most of you have had a life of utter leisure in comparison to what I am about to describe...", meaning your own life. Talk about someone claiming to know other people on Jigidi!!!! How dare you assume that about any of us? That claim of your clearly experiencing more tragic suffering than any of us have known is so much more of a presumption than anything Rosie said to you!!! You state that none of us really knows anything about the other, yet here you make a sweeping statement about us! As you say, you know nothing about our lives, so how dare you say that we have had a life of utter leisure in comparison to yours?!!!!

And I feel nothing but pity for you, afraid to go to movies (Colorado was a shooting, not a bomb, by the way), afraid to go to any crowded place like a marathon, afraid, perhaps, to go to any landmark building that might therefore be a target--that's not a life. That's letting the terrorists win........You think you're being smart, and criticize the rest of us for not isolating ourselves and putting these extreme restrictions on our activities that you do, but we are not willing to live in constant fear. Are children no longer supposed to go to school, because of Newtown? Should we never go to shopping malls? Go to college? Go to our own offices if someone was recently fired? All have been the sites of violence. No, we won't live that way, no matter much you tell us we're fools for living normal lives.....

Rosie, don't apologize! You didn't say anything that should have provoked this out-of-proportion reaction!


Sorry you feel this way, Laura. I wasn't judging you only reacting to the anger you were sending out there. And, I may be naive but I've met quite a few people on here that I consider my virtual friends whom I respect and admire. And I feel blessed for having met them. Sorry Pat for having something like this on one of your puzzles. You and the other puzzlers shouldn't have to put up with rants from anyone and I apologize for my part in it. Rosie


What is actually sad is that Rosie thinks the "social media" of the Internet is real contact with other people. For goodness sakes, it is a virtual world. Most people use avatars and do not give out much real info about themselves.

For instance, I do not know who Rosie (roerick3) is, where she lives, what she does for a living, how she spends her time off Jigidi, what her fantasies are, what her sexual orientation is, her age, her birthday, her social security number (if American), her address, her phone number, her educational level, her talents, her hobbies, her skills, her friends, her parents, her siblings (if any), the number of abortions or children she may have had, the number of spouses she may have had, what she has for breakfast, lunch and dinner, how much she weighs, how tall she is, how much she makes (if she works), her shoe size, her dress size, her favorite color, her hair color, her hair length, ... okay, I hope I've made that clear!

Given that I know none of that I would not DARE to JUDGE Rosie as a person, or make claims to know what she feels at any particular time, much less "every day". How could I know? All I can know is what she has told me on Jigidi and whatever that is, it will never be enough to JUDGE her personality, her feelings, or her whole life. Judging is coming to a conclusion, by the way, not condemning someone to hell.

Yet, Rosie has seen fit to JUDGE me and even call for a prayer-fest for me. I actually find that quite amusing. If she actually knew me and really cared about me, perhaps her call to prayer would be touching. But, since she has MISJUDGED me (and any needs I might have for help from anyone in any form), her prayers are misguided, not needed, and actually pointed in the wrong direction anyway.

So, don't bother, fellow Jigidi members, to follow any instructions from Rosie to join some kind of prayer circle to fix me up. You can all rest easy in that regard. I guarantee that I do not need your intervention.


@Rosie: Wow! I didn't realize we had a psychic working on Jigidi. Do you read palms too? Or just read your tarot cards to JUDGE what people are all about?


Thanks for this, Pat. And pray for LaureMcGaffey. She seems to be living with a lot of anger, pain and hate for something that touched and changed her life. But she seems to have forgotten that many of us have also suffered great tragedies and have chosen to go on in life with a loving and trusting attitude. So she needs our prayers too and, because we are lucky enough to live in the US, not our judgement. Thanks for listening to me and for all you do for us here at Jigidi. Rosie


I have a challenge for you. Or are you too afraid?

Go to that photo of dqmoskal's where I wrote a comment that "upset" you. Read what I say at the top and stop being such hypocrites. You say "Pray" therefore I can only conclude that you are Christian, so stop JUDGING ME without facts and read what I have to say in my second posting.

Or are you only willing to bow down to and "understand" the terrorists, but not a fellow American?


Thank you, pat.


Thank you for this. I live in NH but from Peabody/Salem MA originally. My heart feels broken. I have three precious grandchildren and it hurts so much to think of the children that were hurt, and the poor young boy who lost his life. Someone wrote something that really bothered me under one of the pictures I posted and you stood up to them, Thank you. I was too upset to respond to it.


Thanks, Mimi, Kathy, and whatnauts, for adding your condolences.


My heart goes out to everyone affected by this tragic event. Thanks for the puzzle, PD.


Thank you Pat, and all - echoing all the comments and sentiments expressed.


Thank you so much Pat for this lovely tribute. We are all so sad and feel so helpless. This is so very heartwarming.


Thanks, Jan, Katie, treker, Lela, and Ardy. I appreciate your adding your thoughts.

My husband and two daughters have all run marathons, though not Boston, and I've waited at many a finishing line; we all visit Gloucester, which is just north of Boston, for vacations, and most of us want to live there (Jessica already did for 3 years), so Boston is the other one of the two places we think of as "the city", along with NYC. So for both reasons this seemed to be a very local tragedy, one that hit home the way the Newtown one also did.......


Thank you, Pat, for making and posting this tribute.


Yes, very sad indeed.......


It's all been said,...a sad day indeed. Thanks for the special puzzle Pat.


Truly incomprehensible and so very deplorable. I'm still watching the news coverage. The FBI has asked that people send them pictures they took with their cell phones looking for clues to the perpetrator.


Senseless, tragic and evil. There IS no way to understand.


Thanks, roseheather and Edie. I didn't make any puzzles last night, because I was watching the news coverage; I just made this now, because I needed to do something to express my feelings. I just don't understand the mindset of anyone who thinks that murdering and maiming innocent people, who have no connection to them and have done them no harm, proves some point or makes some statement worth all that carnage.....


A terrible tragedy which will forever mar the running of this event. Such a pointless waste of human life. I hope the perpetrators are caught and brought to justice. Condolences to anyone who was touched by this tragic event.


Thank you, PD.

A tragic time for Boston yesterday. And a tragic incident at an event in which people from other countries were participating. A sad day.