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Vortex in Green & Purple!

49 pieces
153 solves
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You are so welcome, Kirsten. These are fun to make.....expect variations on this theme!


WOW!! The depth and 3D in that one is amazing Jan! It reminds me of glass - I love it!! Thanks so much.

And I can't wait for you to be able to say those words for real either Gail. :)))


Don't I ever!


Gail - :( Darn it!!!
You need more than brownies!


"Your house has sold and you're moving to Florida..."
Dream on! Mere wishful thinking.

Bonnie, I hope you live in Oregon and can deliver those brownies. I need some help!


First of all buntyt - welcome to Jigidi. You're going to love it!!
Thanks so much for commenting. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Really beautiful, thank you


Thanks so much, BonnieJack - you are just as much fun on the regular puzzles. That would be a perfect caption! As a comment - I can really visualize the 70s! LOL Glad you enjoyed it!


Oh wow man, use your mouse to scroll in and out. Look at all the pretty colors. Far out. I think I see the meaning of life now. Please pass the brownies. I think I see the meaning of life now. Oh, I already said that.


You are getting walk to your take out all your money........and send it to me........... LOL
Thanks, Gail! ;D


My head is as swirly as this wonderful puzzle is, Jan. Thanks. It's very hypnotizing. It's just like a ... uh ... what was ... I going ... to ... say again?


Fileusa - it does look like a tunnel! Thanks so much. I am slow, too. But, it's because I am stopping and admiring the pieces as I go. (at least that's what I tell myself!)


I was as slow as ever doing this but it was most enjoyable. I just love this coloured tunnel.


Hanne - thanks so much. I'm glad you had a "WOW" moment!

Pat - Sorry - it kind of got stuck on the "spin" cycle! LOL (now you know how we feel on some of Your puzzles! LOL

PJ - I can't take any credit for the movement. I am convinced that sometimes that just happens by magic! :D But, I do feel great that you had a fun time with it! Thank you so much!!

Ardy - Some puzzles do call for that don't they! It's fun to vary your way of solving. Thanks!!

Francine - I am glad you enjoyed this variation on the original! It was fun to do, too! Thank you!!


Gorgeous center sheen, really fun design. Thanks Jan. (3:00)


These prefer to be solved from the inside out. Beautiful solve which I thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you.

JC - Non-coffee drinkers who have never had coffee have no problems getting through the day just fine without it. All addictions are hard to survive without them - alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, Jigidi.... Glad to hear you are healthy. Stay that way. !!


Goodness, Jan - goregeous, great design. Adore how the wavy pattern evolves and changes. Incredible feeling of movement .....


Okay, now I really AM dizzy--it's very hypnotic, and the colors are gorgeous, but my brain is taking its dear sweet time readjusting now...! :-)))


WOW, it's good Jan!! Thanks so very much!!


They don't! (I once did it for 3 years.......they were NOT great years! LOL)
They just fake it, JC!!


Seriously, though, how do non-coffee-drinkers get through the day?


Gee, JC, I've NEVER been told that by a doctor! LOL Well, congratulations!!!


Fun one, Jan!
BTW, my lab results were all in the good range! The doctor said to lose weight, eat right and exercise more. I said OK. See you in a year!