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Peek-a-boo fence

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Down the street. Note the sky, had a frost this morning but rewarded with blue sky and sunshine rest of day.


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Jill I can not remember, must be getting old so long ago☺♥


Val, Luxton was my maiden name and you possible came across some of them when living in Ashburton?


Thanks Deanna - inside house or car you could think it summer but the air crisp when outside. People build the style of house they like so can get quite a mixture here. Take care. :)


Jill, thank you for your beautiful photo and I'm in awe. How can architecture like Mexico or southern Spain appear to New Zealand? Mystery, in any case, it's beautiful. Looking at the photo, I feel like it's summer, I don't see a trace of a frosty night ♥:))


Jim's parents moved to Tinwald from Methven in 1961, lived at the start of Laghmor Road☺


Val how interesting, my dad was raised on a farm in Tinwald and we used to visit Ashburton regularly to visit my grandparents. I know exactly the area in Dunedin that you live in, lovely. We host Operatunity at our building once a month and whilst I have not actual been into one we have hundreds here for it. Hope you enjoyed it and roads were save, we too had another frost.


Thanks Jill can now picture where you are. Like you I was born in Wanganui moved to Ashburton aged 11 years, and to Dunedin when I was 18 where we have been 54 and a bit years, so Dunedinites now, we live in Liberton, or Pine Hill as you come off the Northern Motorway into Dunedin. Another Frost this morning, we are off to Mosgiel this morning to see a show put on by Operatunity musical numbers so hope frost gone when we leave in 40 minutes☺♥


Spanish Influence, thanks sparklightie that's a much better way of putting it :-)


Indeed Lunie.


lovely home with a spanish influence ☺☺☺


The same house as in the other post Jill?


Hi Val, it's a nice house but quite different to anything else around here. We live in Lincoln and love it but having lived in Christchurch itself for close to 60 years and still work in the city, plus more well known, I still tend to say come from Chch. Was born in Waimate and still roll my r's :-)


Wow Neville I applaud you for walking every morning, even in winter! It's always fun having competition with siblings lol. I find cold winds take my breath away so Im a fair weather walker.


Jill, I'm not a fan of frosts at all. But I do see them, as I walk for an hour each morning, every day of the year. With frosty mornings, 3C or below, I normally wear gloves, as I suffer unduly from chilblains in Winter (poor blood circulation). I have a competition each year with my youngest sister who lives about 120kms. north of us here to see who has the FF - FIRST FROST. Sydney wins it most years, but I haven't heard from her yet this Winter, so am not sure of the current status. ♥♥♥


Oh really Neville five already! You are ahead of us. Frost fiend! Do you like them?? For us, the sort of day that usually follows a frost is so lovely makes them bearable. Nice to see you my friend


Jill looks like Spanish influence in this house, what part of Christchurch are you in, I had thought Pegasus initially. We had our first frost here today but like you sunshine and blue skies☺♥


It is an interesting one Janet. X


Jill, just a little ahead of you in frosts - we've had five here already. First was on May 31st. Duly recorded by this "frost fiend"! :-))) ♥♥♥


A beautiful home thanks Jill and a fun puzzle. Hugs to you. ♥