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Garden Snow January 2013 - Resized

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My Snowy Garden


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Thank you pumpkinhead - I love laying along it with cushions during warm summer evenings with a cool drink and a book, and I watch the stars come out! My cat, Connie, used to love the swing too, but sadly she passed on last year.


Hi Laura - It wasn't specially made. It's by a firm called Duckpaddle. All my garden furniture is from them. My view from the swing is the back of my house - not very interesting! I have also posted a few other snowy garden scenes! Thanks for dropping by. Nicky.


Sturdy looking! What it specially made? Or did you buy it?
What is your view from the swing?


What a wonderful swing and garden you have!


Thanks PLG - you're welcome! Nicky.


What a charming spot! Thanks, Niccolino!


Thanks Ank and Ardy - yes, I love laying on the swing with cushions etc on warm summer evenings watching the stars come out. No, I'm not bothered by insects - I enjoy the dragon flies and damsel flies (bright iridescent reds and blues) that we get because of the pond. We generally get one or two days early spring when the bees are out in frenzy - then I know things are really getting cracking in the garden! My husband does a lot of the upkeep now as I can no longer manage very much due to the M.E. and the Scheuerman's disease I have in my spine, but I do what I can. There's less of it than there was because of the extension we had put on the back of the house, but it's my little sanctuary!


Hi Nicky. I, too, thank you for a smaller puzzle. I can just see you with cushions on the swing, a good book, and a cool drink - in summer, of course, having a relaxing evening and listening to the night songs of the birds. Would you be bothered with insects? Lovely setting. Thanks for sharing.


Hi Nicky, you are off the board now. I did not make it to get on. 2:15. Great idea to make less pieces. You know, it's not that we don't like to solve more pieces but it takes too much time. Most of us want to visit a lot of friends, and a day has only 24 hours. :-)
I like the photo, must be a great place in summer. I imagine you sitting there in the sun. (Sun?, what sun?, I hope this year will be better)


Yay! I'm on the leader board - but probably for only about 5mins! I hope you all like resized smaller picture.