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Little Maiden

30 pieces
121 solves
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by Howard Terpning


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thank U pumpkin, bentleyd, n Monica was glad U told me a little about U and am glad U can connect to the pics I use for puzzles.........


Very beautiful gnt! I love pics of Indians! My mother likes to do oil paintings of them! Indian runs in my blood too, I got that from my dad's side of the family! My grandfather was Blackfoot and my grandmother was Cherokee! So, naturally when my mother married my father us kids ended up being what they call mutts! L.O.L. Because my mother has German, Irish, Dutch, Welsh, and English in her side of the family. So I have seven different types of blood running through my veins! But, I am especially proud of my Indian blood! Anyways, just wanted to say that I really love your pic's in your profile and plan of bookmarking all of them! Thanks so much for posting them!...Monica


A shy lovely girl, thanks gnt:-)


A picture of innocence.


thank u all very much


A very lovely young lady gnt.


Beautiful painting.


I know this is a painting, but maybe she was told to keep her head down but still wanted to see what was going on.

So shy!